Decorating Your Home With Feng Shui

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We’ve all heard about feng shui and the harmony it brings in life and at home. You want to know how to use it in your household to create a better environment? Here are some tips on feng shui life style.

First of all, what is feng shui?

Feng shui translates to "the wind and the water". This is an ancient Chinese philosophy devoted to the right positioning of object in a house for creating a better environment.

Position of every room:

  • Family room - it’s best to locate it on the east side of your house. Having a fireplace in this room brings warmth and closeness.
  • Children’s room - use the west side of your home. This will bring happiness and creativity to the space.
  • Relationships room - if you locate a bedroom in this part of the house on the south-west area it will bring love and connection.
  • Career room - this one should point north.
  • Now let’s take a closer look at each part of the house:

1. The kitchen

We start we the kitchen because according to feng shui this is the most important part of the house. It’s best for your kitchen to be away from the front door, otherwise the energy can escape. You know that saying "cook with love"? It’s actually pretty true. The stove is the central focus in this room. If you cook with love and passion this will reflect on the food. Feng shui also includes healthy foods so try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The kitchen should be bright, organized and clean - don’t place unnecessary appliances. Flowers always help brighten the mood so put a vase with a bouquet wherever is possible. Make sure all colours are suitable for this room. The one feng shui strongly suggest is yellow - it is good for your digestion.

2. The Bathroom

Water symbolises cleanliness and purity. You can add a fire element - candles - to clean the energy. Add visuals that are positive and bring you happiness. Hang mirrors to reflect the water. Add various lights - don’t stop at just one. Make sure there is a nice scent in the bathroom - from candles, oil or salts. This will keep it fresh and cosy. The room should be kept warm and clean. The feng shui colours you use should be light. Don’t go for black or blue because this will only create more energy - you want to keep it at a curtain level.

3. The Bedroom

A really important room when it comes to you - this room should relax you and make you feel energized in the morning. Professionals say that this is the most common room where feng shui is used. Get rid of the TV and the computer in your feng shui bedroom - they bring the energy of stress and worry. Try to let more fresh air in - naturally or through a purifier. In this room make sure you have plenty of lighting. You bed shouldn’t be in a direct line with the door and it should be easy approachable on both sides. When painting the bedroom choose calm soothing colours. They are the ones that are close to our skin colours - brown, beige, pale white. Keep all doors closed - this allows the energy to strengthen your health.

4. The Living Room

The first thing you should do is place your couch against a wall - this will be the support in your life. Try to avoid L shaped sofas Then make sure you can see the door. Make sure you have a focal point in the room. Place an aquarium - it brings happiness and relaxation. Another option is having a fountain - the sound of running water is calming. Fireplace can also be turned into the centre of the room - it can be a gathering point for the family and friends.

5. The Front Door

The front door is where the energy enters the house so it’s crucial to decorate it properly. Don’t block the energy by leaving dead plants or rubbish near the entrance. The appearance of the door is also very important. Repaint regularly, fix any squeaking and clean the clutter. When you enter or leave your home you receive energy from the entrance so keep it good looking and clean.

What about mirrors in feng shui?

In this ancient philosophy mirrors have a special and very important place. Mirrors reflect everything - so if you use it in the right spot it can double your wealth for instance.

  • In the kitchen - the main reason why it is recommended to have a mirror in the kitchen is so the chef can see what’s happening behind his back. So if you have a direct view of the door then there’s no need for a mirror in your kitchen. A perfect solutions is to use surfaces that are reflective surfaces. Be careful - don’t place them in a way that they can reflect the flames.
  • In the bathroom - it’s best to avoid mirrors in the bathroom. You can place a mirror outside the bathroom door - it pushes away the energy. Otherwise it would just go down the drain.
  • In the bedroom - avoid mirrors next to the bed or above it. It might actually keep you up all night - the energy could be bouncing and keeping you worried. The best decision here is to place a mirror inside your closet door. This way you can hide it when you’re not using it.
  • In the living room - a mirror reflecting the food which doubles the food - a symbol of wealth. If the mirror reflects the beautiful nature outside this means pure energy will enter the house.
  • In the foyer - the only rule here is to not place the mirror directly facing the front door. Otherwise it will prevent the energy from entering your home.

Feng shui brings energy, harmony and comfort in your home. So don’t be afraid to try it.


If you have any questions, please ask below!