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Practical steps you can undertake to decrease your dependency on mobile phones

Mobile phones have made our lives simpler but on the other hand, has made us distanced from social interactions. We go to attend a party to socialize but alas! Find ourselves engaged in looking at our phone screens; scrolling our Facebook feed or adding filters to that perfect selfie so that we can upload it on Instagram.

mobile phone addiction

All in all, we are more show about where we are and what we are doing than actually enjoying where we are and what we are doing (thanks to social media mobile). Business minded individuals or those working jobs are often found engaged in checking emails or conversing with their colleagues about work-related matters even after getting home.

This extreme dependency on mobile phones is making us miss out on a lot of beautiful things in life. That is a fact and cannot be argued with. How can this dependency be reduced? We have outlines some practical steps below:

Engage in conversations

Not every conversation has to be meaningful, I get that. But when you are making a conversation ensure you are focused on it. When your mind is constantly distracted by the message notifications or your phone is constantly buzzing with calls, it is hard to maintain the conversation

The ideal way to go about this is by dedicating the time to that conversation. And this just doesn’t apply to you but to the other party. If it is your wife you are having a conversation with, pay attention to that conversation. Putting your phone on silent is, I guess, easier but then the urge to keep checking your phone from time to time will not allow you to engage in a conversation.

Limit the consumption

We consume products and services. Similarly, we consume mobile phones (of course not literally). I mean our use has increased because mobile phones are not merely there to answer and make calls or for that matter, texting. It has transcended into something much bigger. It is akin to the world in the palm of our hands.

Thus, it is imperative we curtail its consumption to get back into the real world and come out of our worlds that rest in our palms. We should dedicate our time more to creation than consumption. Exceptions aside such as those who deal in mobile photography, we must make efforts to make meaningful social interactions, perhaps travel, dine out and take a stroll down to the corner of your street to breathe in fresh air. You will notice, consumption limiting.

Release the burden

You know how we use to stress about our home assignments and exams back when we are in school? Either we studied hard or took tuitions to cover our syllabus and/or meet deadlines. Once we did it, our minds became relaxed. Or if you were me, you copied the assignment while in class or tried your hands at cheating (and no, I am not condoning the act of cheating).

Therefore, take a moment and think how you are adding to the mental burden by having your mind constantly check your phone for social media alerts or whatever addiction you have gotten yourself into as a result of mobile phones. Want your brain to be active and put to more productive use? Release the burden for the sake of your mental health.

Free up more time

Lastly, we complain how much less time we have on our hands but what we fail to realize is that all of us have 24 hours at our disposal. Yet, we find there are people who are way more productive than us. Why do you think is that?

It is because they have learned to make time. You can too, by minimizing mobile phone usage. Time is a valuable thing and should not be wasted. They want to free up more time can alone help you trim the habit.

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