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Mindful meditation: Pillows to support your posture

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your anxious mind. Originally meant to understand the inner workings of mind and body, meditation has been in practice for many years. Meditation these days is chiefly used for stress reduction and relaxation of nerves. A study has shown that meditation can effectively reduce the symptoms of health conditions like – anxiety, blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and insomnia.

There are many ways to do the meditation process to attain a clear state of mind. Some of them call for you to sit on the floor with crossed legs – a classic meditation position that could put a strain on your back and hips. A meditation pillow can improve your posture and increase your comfort level during the process. These pillows are firmer than regular ones for added support. Most of the meditation cushions are very versatile as they can be used on the floor or on a chair.

There are primarily two kinds of meditation cushions – Zafu and Zabuton. Zafu elevates and supports your hips during the program, on the other hand, zabuton, the rectangular mats, give a comfortable place for your knees to rest during the activity. Depending on your posture, comfort, and alignment, you can choose from a range of meditation cushions available in the market.

Typically, a meditation pillow should be chosen based on:

Size: It is advised to choose a meditation cushion depending on your height. A tall person might find it tough to sit on a narrow and low-height cushion. Someone with broad hips might want a broad pillow. Meditation cushions come in various sizes serving different needs.

Shape: A meditation cushion should be carefully decided after considering the posture and asanas you’re going to practice. For yoga and meditation which require a little movement, rectangular mats would be suitable. To support your hips and back, U-shaped or V-shaped cushions should be chosen.

Convenience: The convenience to carry them around or pack them while traveling is also an added factor while choosing a meditation cushion. Moreover, a good meditation cushion should be easy to maintain. Most cushions come with removable covers and are machine washable.

Fill: To provide the needed support, a meditation cushion needs to be firm yet flexible. Buckwheat hulls provide exactly that. They conform very easily to the shape of the user’s body and provide great support.

Durability: There are many cheap knockoffs of the premium quality meditation cushions. What differentiates a cheap knockoff from the original is its durability. The superior ones are made from fine materials inside and out and last for years. Ones with buckwheat fillings can even be refilled and the hulls can be taken in or out according to one’s comfort.

Meditation cushions can make the process go smoothly and help you retain your posture too. Especially the ones with buckwheat hulls are widely popular. It is high time to invest in a good meditation cushion to elevate your meditation experience.

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