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Men are Hard to Shop for: Guide to Finding the Suitable Gifts

rgerqgergwtWho’s easier to buy for – men or women? There are strong arguments for both sides. Some argue that there are easy go-to gifts for women such as jewelry and flowers. On the other hand, others retort that men are less picky, and would appreciate and love any gift handed to them. This debate may have become overly simplified and stereotyped, however, the argument of who is harder to shop for doesn’t help you find a decent and personal gift.

To ensure the best gift is bought for your male friend, partner, or family member, you need to give yourself plenty of time. Many people put off gift shopping because they know it’s a difficult and somewhat lengthy process. However, if you rush a gift, you’ll never have the time to think, consider, and search for the present that shows the thought you’ve put in. Give yourself roughly a month when looking for a present; therefore, the pressure is somewhat lessened. There’s no rush, and it provides plenty of time to search online and within shops.

Gift Selecting Process

The gift selecting process must be thought-out and planned with precision. Throughout the month leading itself to Christmas or the person’s birthday, compile a list of ideas. Formulate their likes, hobbies and interests into lists and branch out from there. Make sure to listen out for anything new they may mention – people pick up new hobbies, and so, they may mention something they’ve never brought up before. This will give you a whole new avenue to consider taking.

You should also consider their personality type and their job. If the receiver has a playful personality, then looking for joke presents could be enough to make them happy. If they work within the music industry and love collecting records, you can add a hard-to-find, special edition vinyl to their collection. Gym enthusiasts may be ecstatic if you pay for a yearly membership, and book lovers would be over the moon for a signed first edition from their favorite novelist.

Once you have a few ideas, pop into town and scout the shops which may have something of interest. If you’re still stumped for ideas, window shopping is also a great way to refresh your mind and find potential presents. You can also do the same online; this is also ideal for those who have a busy work life or live remotely. Browse websites and take note of anything that stands out to you. Place them in a shopping cart so you can go back to them later.

By giving yourself time in advance to prepare and search, you’ll limit the possibility of buying the first item you come across. There’s no point in purchasing something impersonal, even if they’d probably still like it. You want them to love it, and as a gift giver, you’ll feel fantastic, too. This extra time also enables you to order special, limited edition items. As previously stated, book lovers would love a signed first edition, however, they’re hard to come by, and you need to research and possibly bid on the items.

Sometimes, you could have months on end, and the perfect gift is impossible to conjure up. There’s nothing wrong in needing extra help, and if you’re in desperate need of some gift ideas, read below for inspiration.


For the Adventurous

For the adrenaline junkies, you may not be able to wrap up a physical gift. Usually, these types of people enjoy experiences more than anything else. Luckily, there are many experience packages for you to consider, such as skydiving, bungee jumping and street luging. Some of these experiences may be expensive, however, there are cheaper options out there; you can even find discounts on sites such as Groupon.

Another means of satisfying the heart of an adventure-goer, is by buying a plane ticket to some far-out country they’ve always wished to visit. Expensive, sure. However, if the gift receiver is your partner, then you should use this as an excuse to go abroad with one another. Make sure to pick a destination which is rich in culture, and has a wealth of history for you guys to explore. Those suffering from wanderlust want to find the most secret, idyllic places in the world, and so, helping him find those corners of the world would be the best present imaginable.

If your budget is tight, but you wish to treat them to a holiday, you can buy him the plane tickets as a gift, and then pay for the accommodation together. After all, it’s the thought (and the destination) that counts.


For the Sportsman

It depends on the sport he plays, however, there’s never a lack of sporting equipment for you to consider. If he’s into F1, then you could buy him an experience and have him race in a go-kart or race car; you could even buy him tickets to the next F1 race. Or, if he’s starting to show an interest in a certain sport such as golf and you’re asking, ‘what are the best golf bags 2017?’ Then you should research the market for bags which are great for beginners. After all, why settle for a bogus (or bogey) gift when you can score a birdie?

Equipment, experiences and memberships – there is an abundance of options for you to look into. No matter the sport; whether they play or are a spectator, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of gift opportunity.

For the Movie Buff

This idea can work out much cheaper than the previous options; however, there are many ways of pleasing a movie buff. For starters, you could host your own cinema night. Transform your living room or outdoor areas (weather permitting) into a cinema. If it’s for your partner, consider having it as an “admission for two” event. If it’s for your father or brother, make it a large, family event and plan it together. Provide all the stereotypical movie snacks such as popcorn, hot dogs and Twizzlers, and package them accordingly. If it’s a bigger event, then include a larger menu and other fun foods like S’mores, potato chips and banana splits. You can even ask people to contribute. When it comes to choosing the film, make sure it’s one of his favorites.

Another way of pleasing a movie fanatic is by taking them to the film set of their favorite films. There are plenty scattered across America; all you have to do is plan which studio experience he’d enjoy the most!

For the Hipster

Hipster: someone who follows the latest trends and fashions; more notably, the ones considered outside the cultural mainstream. These types of men can be difficult to impress, and so, you need to take extra care when buying them a gift. Usually, you can put a smile on their face by giving them something unusual and quirky; something which is one of a kind. For example, a personalized whiskey barrel or a beer brewing kit could be the perfect gift, or if they are keen fashionistas, a bow tie made from cork will set your present away from everyone else’s.

The key rule when buying for a hipster is to ensure your gift isn’t mass-produced and is incredibly unique. These gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money; for example, if they’re vegan, and you’re talented at crocheting, crochet two halves of an avocado. Be original, and they’ll love anything you give them.

For the Sentimental

The price tag doesn’t matter; it’s the thought that counts, and so, for the sentimental man, you could easily frame a beloved photo and they’d be more than happy with the gift. Of course, sometimes, this doesn’t seem like enough. Personalizing gifts is a great start, and this can be applied to many items. For example, if the man in question loves to climb, you can buy them a bracelet made from climbing rope and have a message engraved into the metal fastening. The same goes for if he works in a profession which uses tools; you could have a message carved into the handle of a hammer.

Other ways of impressing the sentimental type is by purchasing a tin and filling it with everything he loves. Favorite chocolate, sweets, book, music, film, hobbies. Cram everything you know about him in one place and watch as he sifts through meaningful item after item.

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, and sometimes, it may be impossible to locate. With birthdays and Christmas coming by year after year, it’s easy for us to run out of options every once in a while, and sometimes ask for help. The trick is to leave yourself plenty of time, research, listen, and most importantly, go with your gut. If people are telling you to buy him a wallet and a box of chocolates, but you’d think he’d prefer tickets to a ballgame, trust in your decision. After all, it’s gift is addressed to him and coming from you. You may find out that he’ll love anything you give him.

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