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Italian Sparkling wine Review

red-white-rose-wineWe adore moments when all of us girls get together just to have a jaw, laugh and stop to smell the roses. However, being a mom and an active woman is a tough job! That's why our band appreciates these parties for girls only. This time our party was a bit more festive because we had a bottle of champagne on our table. It was Italian champagne named Prosecco that had been gifted to Kristin by her old friend from Italy. We filled the glasses and started to discuss our plans, relations between men and women, achievements of our children. We decided to get a refresh when it came to conversing about local dating sites. I took a sip of Prosecco and was enchanted by its taste and flavor. I have not tried it before. I thought why not to review this champagne brand in ‘Reviews' section of our blog and why not to open something new for other women.

Wine is made of grapes. And Prosecco wine is made of Glera grapes in Italy, particularly in Veneto region. It is a sparkling wine with notes of green apple, melon, pear and cream; bubbles are light and soft. It is young wine that is impatient to aging. Drink it chilled and pair with Caesar salad, risottos polenta, Prosciutto with melon, fried or baked fish, Asian cuisine, cookies, desserts and strawberries. Tulip shaped glasses are the best ones for this Italian fizz. Drink it without any food, before meals or together with meals. Prosecco is the main ingredient for Bellini cocktail. Just add some fresh peach puree and imagine you are relaxing under the sun of Southern Italy.

Prosecco price was a lovely surprise for me when I went to buy it. A bottle of this wonderful Italian fizz costs 12-14$ averagely. By comparison, the price of Champagne starts from 40$. The difference is significant. And that is one of the reasons why Prosecco gains general recognition all over the world and its sales are so high. However, in this case a low price does not mean a low quality. The issue is about the production method. The Italian winemakers apply the Charmat, or Tank, method of production. Unlike in the Champagne method, the second fermentation takes place in the steel tanks. This method allows saving labour and time. The French winemakers ferment the wine juice in each bottle for the second time. After some time they shake and turn each bottle. This method results in a higher price.

Prosecco is perfect not only for a special event, but also for any get-together. It will add some effervescency to our ordinary life and make the moments spent with your family and friends warmer and memorable! Moreover, after getting acquainted with this marvelous Italian wine, you'll know such Italian words as Spumante, frizzante and tranquillo. They mean sparkling, semi-sparkling and without any effervescing accordingly and are indicated on Prosecco bottles. All-in-all it can be a good start to learn Italian language and plan a trip to Italy!

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