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Healthcare Mobile App Development: Future of the Healthcare Industry


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligence, but the one more responsive to change.”- Charles Darwin

From the origin of the Ayurveda to the innovation of latest robotics surgery, the medical field has gone through from innumerable changes for curing the disease. As time passed human race has also adopted the new ways of dealing with the illness. Gone are the days when people used to go to the doctors for measuring blood pressure and diabetes. Thanks to healthcare mobile application development solutions which has made our life easy by developing health-related apps. The future of healthcare lies in mobile applications. The time has come to put mobile devices into use in the healthcare industry.

The Reports are Positive

You can get the idea of how healthcare mobile applications and wireless technology has spread the roots in the health industry by just looking at the latest reports.

According to the latest reports by the Statista “In 2017, the mobile health market has touched 21 billion US Dollars and the digital market is expected to touch 206 billion US Dollars by 2021.”

The Scope of Mobile health services

The goal with Mobile health services was started with managing user’s health plan, health benefits, integrating doctor prescriptions, etc. but with the invasion of disruptive technology, the scope of the healthcare mobile application development has widened.

Mainly, the mobile health services can be categorized into two areas:

  • Solutions for the patients involve wellness, monitoring of patients, prevention of decease, and remain in direct touch with patients.
  • Healthcare system strengthening by increasing the emergency response, healthcare services & administration, and everything which includes the capability of the healthcare service providers.

The future success of the healthcare mobile application development does not lie only on the patient but it also depends on how the physician, doctors, and other health professionals utilize it in an effective way.

Till now we have seen some of the stats and potential areas where mobile technology for healthcare can be implemented. Let’s dive into some of the practical examples so that you can get a clear picture of the future of healthcare app development.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development in Practice

The commercial healthcare mobile app is a one way to integrate the health into a daily life of the consumers. The awareness of the health mobile apps has increased significantly with the time. Mobile apps for the consumers are made for,

  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Exercise tracking
  • Dietary control and management
  • Calorie tracking

You can find above-mentioned apps in many people’s phone as the awareness for the fitness has enhanced. They don’t bother not going to a physician or doctor as these apps give them enough information about their routine health.

Popular Healthcare Apps in 2018 & 2019

  • Fitbit
  • My Fitness Pal
  • MedScape
  • UpToDate
  • Epocrates
  • Omnio
  • Strava

Trending Technologies in healthcare mobile application development

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

According to the new survey, patients prefer more AI-guided surgery than traditional surgery methods. They are comfortable and they trust the AI-assisted surgery. When they were asked why to choose AI instead of tried and tested conventional surgery methods, the response to that was:

  1. Available when I need it.
  2. Prevents time avoiding a trip to the doctor
  3. Estimates vast amount of relevant information
  • AR/VR implemented Apps

Augmented reality is gaining a prominent place in the healthcare sector, especially its major implementation in medical training. It can train numbers of amateur trainees at the given point of time which saves the time of the skilled and expert doctors. Healthcare mobile application development using augmented reality apps can help doctors to understand diagnosis better and clear way.

  • Wearable’s

Wearable devices are taking healthcare to a next-level in a personal health. Activity trackers and fitness bands help users to be fit and healthier without going to a doctor. Some of the trackers are so designed that, if there is any deviation in heart rate or blood pressure, a quick notification goes to a consulted doctor. Hence, the patient is always at under the observation of the doctor.

To recapitulate, the acceptance rate of mobile technology for healthcare has been increasing exponentially. For the app-driven businesses, this is a golden opportunity, which does not only give it whooping revenue but also give an opportunity to use technology to serve the bigger purpose for the human race.

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