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Common Facts about Liga Privada Cigars

When a whole lot of Cuban cigars are prevailing in the market, a non-Cuban cigar has to implement something special in them, in order to sustain in the competition. That's exactly what Liga Privada Cigars did. There are some specific features in them, which has made them class apart from others.

liga privada
The market of cigars across the world is quite huge, and it has been seen that this particular market is predominantly ruled by the Cuban cigars. If any non-Cuban cigar has to prove its prominence in this market, then the job is not that easy, as overruling the brand image of Cuban cigars among the minds of cigar lovers can never be an easy task. They have to strive to maintain the unparallel quality to ensure their position among the cigar giants in this market.

While talking about the famous non-Cuban cigars, one of the prominent names is the Liga Privada Cigars. This particular brand is prepared by Drew Estate, and they are from the finest tobaccos of Honduras and Nicaragua. Their present product line consists of nearly twenty one cigars, with the lengths varying between four to seven inches. It also comes with four types of wrappers, namely Connecticut Broadleaf, Habano, Maduro, and Oscuro.

There are few special facts about this cigar, which have made this brand stand apart among the other leading cigar brands in the market. Following are the examples of five such special facts:

The Wrapper

When most of the cigars in the market have taken pride based on their flavors, this cigar has won the hearts of the cigar lover by their specially made wrappers. Apparently the wrapper of this cigar looks like greasy and it gives a chocolaty impression. This is the part, which first touches your tongue and then only you can have a prelude of the entire smoking session. It tastes like a blend of dark chocolate and earth, which can literally bring water in your mouth.

Uniqueness in Flavor

When most of the Cuban cigars are providing the cigar lovers with the taste of spice, honey, and earth, Liga Privada Cigars have done it in a different way. The ageing effect of the tobacco has brought forth a transformation in the taste of the smoke, and the flavor is a perfectly balanced blend of Brazilian coffee and chocolate. This particular flavor comes after unionizing seven different types of tobaccos from different regions. Though the taste is complex, but the smoking experience is utterly smooth and soft throughout.

Availability constraints

When every cigar brand strives to make their products available in the market all the time, this product consistently focuses on the consistency of the quality, even at the cost of availability. The cigars are rolled using the finest rollers, and this process consumes a lot of time. Owing to this, there are several occasions, when this cigar stocks out. However, this negative aspect has helped them to maintain a sustained demand in the market, because they do not perform anything to compromise with the quality.

Price levels

Though this particular brand is comparatively new in the market, they have positioned themselves as one of the niche brands, with a premium pricing. There are several reasons behind this. First, as most of the processes for making these cigars are manual, therefore in spite of high demand, the supply is constrained. It results in a high price for this product. Second, other cigar brands are not a very close substitute to this cigar brand. Therefore people, who have the habit of smoking this particular brand, cannot switch to others rapidly. Third, size of this cigar is comparatively bigger than others, and sometimes is referred to as "Monster". These are the reasons for which they are premium priced.

Target customers

These cigars are not meant for all. These cigars are specially prepared on a preorder basis, and therefore they are given to only some handpicked wholesalers. As the name "Liga Privada" suggests "Classified Blend", it is custom blended for the specific people.

These features are not inclusive. However, these five specific features can give you a rough idea about how a non-Cuban cigar brand is competing in the market and that too with a premium pricing.

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