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Top 5 Best Cigars in the World

Cigar smoking has a rich traditional lineage which began with the Native Americans smoking cigars at common religious ceremonies and developed into a symbol of luxury. While the old traditions still hold, cigar smoking has developed into a common way of celebrating minor and major milestones in life and at work, over time. Weddings, child birth, sport victories, successful business deals and many such celebrations feature cigar smoking to cherish the moments. Over time the world has seen the birth of many cigar brands which faced the grind of times to give the world a few loved brands. Read on to know about the best five.

cigar and wine

Cigar smoking was discovered way back in the 1th century when Columbus first visited the Americas. Twisted tobacco leaves bound together by dried corn or palm husks was how cigars were smoked then. Delighted by the feature, Columbus brought the culture back home, which eventually settled to become a beloved tradition and evolved to become a symbol of luxury and power.

Over time, the world saw quite a number of cigar brands come into existence, each one having something unique to offer in terms of taste and
strength. However, few names made it to the list of fine cigars and those are certainly the best one can have.

A cigar can never be ‘just' a cigar. Smoking the finest cigars in the world needs to be celebrated or a mighty big celebration calls for smoking the finest ones. Whichever way goes. For the cigar enthusiasts smoking the finest cigars in the world is a celebration in itself. The blend, the aroma and the taste distinguishes one from the other making each one unique and luxurious.

The following five brands are the finest cigars in the world today.


Padrón Serie 1926 No. 1

Fuente Fuente OpusX


Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperiale

Besides the above five there are many more which also qualify as the finest such as Cohiba Siglo VI, La Aurora 100 Años Belicoso, Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Partagas Piramides Le 2000 and Montecristo Edmundo.

Which is / are your favorite cigar(s) and what makes you loyal to it? Share your thoughts and opinions with us; we'd love to hear from you.

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