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5 Ways to Improve Your Next Live Event

thwrhreAs a business, you're always looking for creative ways to promote your company as well as the things you do, such as donate to or help a local nonprofit, or host a live event. Hosting a live event is a great way to increase awareness about your company and bring in more new clients and customers; however, if you don't do it right, it could be detrimental to business.

No matter the reason for your live event, it's always a good idea to know the right way to tackle them so that your guests feel engaged and entertained. Check out the following ways to help your company improve your next live event and make it one that your guests remember forever (in a good way).

  1. Promote it.

If you want to get people at your event, you need to make sure that you promote it. There are a variety of ways that you can push this event out to your clients and customers as well as the general public. Put information about the event on your website. Push it out through your social media channels. Send out email blasts to customers, vendors, etc. Buy radio or television ad space. Write and send a press release to local news channels. Reach out to client partners, vendors, etc. and see if they'd be willing to share your information too. Tell people in person when they enter your office building. Hang signage around your office. Do whatever you need to do to generate awareness.

  1. Invest in swag.

People want stuff. Period. If someone is going to take time out of their day in order to come to your event, they want to gain something from it. Make sure you invest in some type of swag for your event, whether it's t-shirts, water bottles, stickers, Frisbees, or anything of the sort. As long as your attendees get to bring something home with them, they'll be satisfied. Plus, your company's logo on the item will be a constant reminder for them to choose your company when in need of your services.

  1. Entertain your guests.

Along with wanting physical items, your guests want to be entertained. Make sure you have some form of entertainment for these people, and then promote that entertainment. For example, are you going to have a DJ or a band? If so, promote it. Are you going to have a celebrity (or two) at your event? If so, promote it. Sometimes it's these little details that mean more to people and are the driving force behind getting people in the door.

  1. Use today's technology.

If you want your event to truly shine, you need to use today's technology. For example, most of today's audience is connected to some type of online platform, whether social media or email. To make your event stand out from the rest, make sure you're incorporating these items into your event. According to Multi Image Group, a corporate event production company, it's important to "integrate live events and online experiences, digital and social media, and immersive environments that engage, inspire and move audiences. ”

One way to use this to your advantage is to engage your audience in all aspects of their life. Create a hashtag for your event that your guests can use while at your event. Accept live Twitter conversations through a TV at the event. Anything you can do that connects your guests to the live and digital platform of your event will be more engaging for them. Plus, it allows you to remain connected once the event is over, which is a great way to not only gather feedback, but to also stay top of mind to your audience.

  1. Follow up.

The presence of your event doesn't have to end when the music stops and the tents have come down. If you want to make an impression, connect with people after the event as a follow up. Send out email blasts to those whose email addresses you've collected. Reconnect with people using your event hashtag. Connect with people via social media. If you continue to engage your guests when the event if over, your event will be more of a success.

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