How to Promote Your Business in an Inexpensive but Effective Way

Business always raises the question of promotion in the competitive world of demand and supply. How to market your company and how to market it so that you do not spend a large sum of money? You may think that it is impossible to achieve high demand in this way. However, this article will prove you may be on the wrong track. We will show you how to exploit the Internet and some traditional methods to promote your company.

Set up your website and optimize it for Google

The first thing you need to have is a website. You can pay someone to set up a custom-designed website for you or you can customize it yourself. There are hundreds of sites which offer step-by-step instructions for designing a website. It is really easy and it is fun to do. Next, you need to pay attention to search engine optimization as the beast method to improve your visibility in a search engine's results. There is one more thing you can do: sign up for Google list for local business.

Business-Promotion-IdeasPromote your business on social media

Having a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account is a great way to promote your business. Post photos, status updates or videos. In this way, you make the online connection between your company and your customers which is crucial for any business. When it comes to Facebook, you can also try Facebook ads. They are inexpensive, but they are highly effective because they help you target your audience leading to more clicks to your website or more Facebook likes. Finally, do not forget LinkedIn profile, the leading business profile in the world.

Set up a blog

Setting up a blog is completely free. And that is just the first advantage of making a blog. When it comes to business promotion, the best way of doing it is to complement your blog to your website. In this way, you do not only interact with your customers, you also attract audience to your website. Finally, you demonstrate your expertise by writing a text on your blog. Your clients will have high confidence in your company.

Talk to your clients

You can make an interview about your company and distribute it your clients via e-mail, for example. The questions can include: what do you like most about the company and what can be improved in your opinion and the alike. You can include any question you think can get you a feedback in order to improve your business. Your clients will love this idea because it is an unmistakable sign you respect their opinion. The word will spread about this and you can possibly attract more clients. A mini-interview can be posted on your website or on your blog.

Use the advantages of buddy marketing

Buddy marketing is a type of business promotion when two companies market their businesses together. Pragmatically, this means that you can include a business card of the company you chose to work with together with your brochure. Two complementary companies can run contests together. You can do anything you think is beneficial for both companies. Buddy marketing reduces the marketing costs and it targets and attract new clients.

Create business stationary

Whether you use electronic or printed business stationary, you can buy it or you can create it yourself. Microsoft Publisher is a tool that can help you here. Make sure your business logo, name and contact information is on any business stationary item. Electronic documents can be easily updated in order to include discounts, for example.

Give out freebies

Distribute freebies via e-mail or via leaflets. We all love to receive something for free. For example, you can say: The first 100 people who visit a store, will receive a free… You can fill in the blank with any kind product. Or, you can distribute freebies at trade show. Always include your business logo and contact information on a freebie as well as on promotional gifts you have at your disposal.

Find out whether state or local government can help you

State and local government can offer free counselling so that you can promote your business the most effectively. There is also a possibility that government can get you in touch with other companies you can work with.

Join a professional group

Join a professional group and regularly attend their meetings. Participate in discussions and always have your business card or brochure with you.

Draw on the information we gave you and your company will certainly prosper and grow in popularity.


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