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2019 Esports Betting – You May Want To Read This

Gaming has always been interesting to most people and when something gains so much attention from the masses, there is always a way of monetizing it. Since the turn of the millennium, monetizing video games became a thing and the fad has only been getting stronger with each passing year. As technology advances, enabling the introduction and integration of even more useful and interesting features in games, the interest and attraction to gaming have also increased. According to CNBC, Esports is estimated to become a billion dollar industry – hopefully in the course of the year – and this success is due to the millions of fans the activity has attracted. Here are a few things you should pay attention to this year if you are into esports betting.

Betting Selections

If you have ever gambled before, particularly on something with various options or on several deals at the same time, then you must have realized that when there are too many variables to deal with, things get complicated. Esports became more popular and prominent in both the gaming and sporting world in the current decade. Consequently, many esport betting sites have popped up over the years. Some of them offer great deals but others are not financially interesting.

With the various available choices, it is sometimes difficult to select a betting site unless you somehow stumble upon one that is great. Sometimes you just want to spread your seeds to give yourself more options. And this is a wise thing to do. But there is a better way. There are websites that have discovered that people prefer to spread their seeds for more options and rather than let you spend hours online evaluating websites, they have done all that work for you and provided you with everything you need in one place.

Just imagine all the top-notch esport betting sites with the best deals in one place. It is a beautiful thought, isn’t it? Rather than working with several betting sites, which are difficult to manage, just look for one website where you can find all the deals you want.

Gaming Titles

Esports betting is just like any gambling activity, you have to be well informed about your bets. That means you should know the best gaming titles in the industry and where you should place your bets. Esports has become so important that major companies like Coca-Cola and Intel are supporting them. Similar to NFL and NBA, major sponsored teams are being formed in the industry. Moreover, investors are buying and forming their own teams to compete in international esports events. According to liveesportsbetting.com, if you want to know the hottest games in the industry, you should pay attention to the game that is attracting major sports investors.

Games like:

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • Clash Royale League
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • League of Legend
  • Super Smash Bro. Ultimate
  • Fortnite

Are some of the major games you should keep tabs on this year.

Perhaps something else you should try out is live betting. Pre-match betting is the conventional approach for betting on most esports websites but there is also live betting where you bet as you watch the game. With pre-match betting, you bet and wait to see how the game turns out. Nonetheless, live bets are more interesting and entertaining because they are more engaging. You still have the rush of not knowing what will happen next but there are moments when something unexpected happens and influences your betting decision. Twitch is the home for esports live streaming and should be your friend in live esports betting. Albeit remember that Twitch is not a betting site, it is for streaming. Use it to see what is happening.

Bonuses and Special Offers

I started by highlighting that choosing sites for esports betting could be an annoying task due to the number of esports betting sites. However, one of the things that can help you pick a website to indulge yourself is bonuses. To lure players, major esports sites offer interesting bonuses and special offers. This helps you, in that, to pick a website, it has to have something special for you. Since there are various websites, they will compete to give bonuses, which means better deals for you. Don’t just go with the first esports betting site you come across, instead, at least take some time to look around for offers being made and go with the one that offers the most benefits.

Match Diversity

In addition, don’t just rely on major matches. They may be the most lucrative but they are also the riskiest. Other minor matches are available, that can also give you something significant to keep in your pockets. Be open-minded and pay attention to small or minor esport competitions.

2019 will be an interesting year for esports since there is a good chance that the industry will gain more profit than ever before.

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