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11 Tips To help Improve your Paintball skills

  1. uKBL00h4amneuMCR81-kiQaS5qJOV-lcZv2dLCtjIBVAYQDcjZhPCAAGdnegs2FHLpmWgw=s2048Use the cover shots as a diversion

This is the first thing I do. Especially since I play in small cadence, I rely very often on other players to make shots of blankets. The opponent lowers their head, and during this time I have time to move and to change obstacles. It is all stupid, but terribly effective: if the adversary believes you in another place, you will have the benefit of surprise and discretion.

  1. Contact your teammates

And especially on offensive maneuvers. It’s logical to tell me, but how many of us do it really and effectively?

Paintball is a team sport; it is incontestable that communicating favors this teamwork. Announce your progressions, your coverage needs, the position of your opponents, their movements.

Your opponents may hear you, but it’s better than a disorganized team that plays like mercenaries. In fact, the hard part is to do it distinctly and everyone understands it.

  1. Use teamwork to keep an opponent off, or trapped behind an obstacle

This corresponds to point 1 except that this hedging is carried out at a minimum in pairs. While one of the players makes a cover shot, the others advance to the next obstacle and take over the cover shot.

With a good teamwork, good communication on the position of the targets, you can advance on the ground and occupy the strategic positions. To summarize, it is cover shooting to progress on the ground.

  1. Have a good view of what is happening on the ground

Think at any time of the game that in front, there is not only the opponent that you have in the line of sight. They too have put in place a strategy, and there’s no point playing the Rambo.

So do not focus your attention on just one point, even if you believe an opponent can hide there – a different opponent may be present on the flanks. You Always monitor the entire terrain. Have a keen eye?

  1. Move!

The immobility on a paintball field is dangerous for you, even in a defense situation. Your opponents will find you and put in place the right technique to dislodge you. While if you move, your opponent will have to review his strategy in real time. This will give them a lot of difficulty, stress, inaccuracies.

  1. Take Height

Remember the movie The Rock with Sean Connery? There is an assault scene where soldiers enter a tunnel, and their opponents are over them?

Well, this scene illustrates very well a simple fact, to be lower than its adversary is embarrassing because one generally discovers a larger part of its body, and because our field of vision is more precise to the height of the eyes and towards the bottom. So choose the height positions.

  1. Travel light

Eliminate the superfluous, and you gain in maneuverability. Paintball is a mobile sport, which needs to be fast, all that is not useful to you in play is a break.

Take the example of the pots in the back (except for the competition) we will empty one or two leaders on a part, so why not leave your pots in excess to the respawn?

In short, alleviate yourself and you will gain in mobility, in lightness.

  1. Do not go too fast on the field.

When you get to a new obstacle, take a break. Do not leave immediately. Take a moment to examine your new field of vision, and determine if opponents are within range. This will also allow you to analyze which will be the best position for the sequel.

  1. Simply Play

You’ve all seen videos of jumps, slips so eager that you want to do the same. Yes but no, when you want to do it, it will be just ridiculous. It is a bit strong, but the spirit is there, we do not figure skating, nobody will give us rating for our performance?

  1. Stand on the ground where you are not expected.

If you do not like n ° 4, and your thing is not to camp, ok but do good. No need to hide 50 cm from the flag. Look for areas with a good view on the field (but not too much, you are not asked to do all the work), and especially without the possibility of the bypass.

Then make sure to be the least visible and silent (do not shoot for anything!).

On the other hand, I will not advise you to climb in the trees. Ok, the opponents will not think to look high, but it seems risky. Improper manipulation of your gear by climbing, breaking the jaws, getting a shot without folds, etc. I would rather advise you to lie down and camouflage yourself.

  1. Look for the “sides” – or rather the bypasses

It’s been 3 minutes for you to fight on a frontal opponent. It does not show much, so you continue to repaint the obstacle that protects it. I often see it among beginners. So you simply say that if you have not succeeded so far, you may have to think of another solution, bypass it.

Attacking by the sides and not in the frontal usually, gives the advantage of surprise. This requires moving (n ° 5) and suppression shots to advance to cover (n ° 1).

It is not so complicated

I made my modest contribution, but do not forget that anyway, the main thing is to have fun, and to have a good day!

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