Strategic Benefits of Acquiring Order Taking Call Center Services

Building a strong reputation is the topmost priority for any organization. These organizations strive hard to deliver superior customer support to their customers and clients. Just one negative review has potential to tarnish their image in the industry, which will affect their sales, for sure.

According to a recent report, ‘82% customers stop using the products and solutions of a company, owing to their poor customer service’.

Willing to offer 100% customer support should be the main concern of the players in the e-commerce industry. E-commerce industry has evolved over time and made a blast all over the online websites. Entrepreneurs are shifting their businesses to e-commerce websites or online catalog-based ventures to reach more and more consumers and achieve huge sales. However, to succeed and grow, a business needs to implement the right set of strategies to acquire, retain, satisfy and engage their customers in the most holistic manner. Herein, approaching a proficient order taking call center can be a game changing decision.

It has been noted that owing to hectic daytime schedule, most customers, nowadays, prefer purchasing inventories online, without taking the burden of visiting the store in person. If you fail to offer instant assistance to your customers, then you might lose your cherished customers. To ensure that your customers are greeted and assisted in a professional way every single time they interact with your company’s representatives, order taking call centers are what you need to work with. Call center is the backbone of both, retail as well as e-commerce businesses that deals directly with the customers. The providers of call center solutions help organizations to get closer to their potential customers as well as to offer quick resolutions.

Let us take a look at some of the strategic benefits of acquiring order taking call center services.

Smooth communication across different channels

According to a recent survey, published in American Express, “55% consumers, who intend to make a purchase, back out because of poor customer service(American ExpressAXP +0.76%).” However, with the expansion of social media, customers can now communicate through a number of channels, including phone call, email, text messages, and web or voice based chat. To provide high-quality customer-centric solutions, call centers have started using different channels (on different modes) in a much more sophisticated and intuitive way that helps in establishing a smooth conversation between the customer and the executive. Social networking helps in responding to the comments posted by consumers, and resolving their complaints, instantly. Order taking call centers record the orders of customers, and deliver the demanded solution, product or service securely and instantly.

Real-time telephone support increases customers’ trust for the Company

Every business revolves around two world – first, the physical, and second, the virtual. Physical world involves f2f communication, whereas virtual world is informative. However, business foster personal interaction as a useful method of promoting and advertising offerings of businesses. A friendly conversation is all a customer needs while seeking information about a product or service, which he/she is interested in purchasing from a website or over a telephone call.

24 hours order taking service

The executives of order taking call centers work round-the-clock to assist the customers by taking and processing their orders on time. They are readily available to resolve a number of issues, such as product/service information, payment delay or cancellation, exchange of goods, and refund, and so on. This unquestionably helps in raising the customer satisfaction level.

In a nutshell, the center of gravity is shifting gradually from retail to web-based business. Customers now can order products/services from the confines of home or office by just dialing toll free number of service providers. Consequently, there has been emergence of plenty of service providers or order taking call centers to meet the demand of quality customer service.


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