3 Personalized Memorization Ideas to Plan Funeral Service

The families today are understanding the value of creating a personalized tribute for their loved ones. However, given the mental state they are in following the death of their loved one, they find it really difficult to think of a way to celebrate the life of the deceased. Today, the Baby Boomers view death in the guise of a ‘crowning performance’. They regard the funeral service as an opportunity to show people what their beliefs were and the things they regarded crucial for their life.

As pointed out by a Baby Boomer, “ I want plenty of dancing and laughing and having a great time [at my funeral]. When we left [my friend’s funeral] everybody was laughing and talking about the person because we saw all the happy moments on DVD, the person moving around alive. When we went to the party afterwards, everybody was in a festive mood. We were talking about the person like they were still existing. We didn’t grieve her life. We celebrated her life. I didn’t leave heartbroken. [My heart] was sliced, but it wasn’t broken. When I walked away from there, I thought they were sort of still with me. I [was] basking in her achievements and her friendship and what she meant.” According to yet another, “People have to pick up the pieces. After this sense of closure, life goes on. Life doesn’t stop when I die. Maybe people can take a little bit of my enthusiasm or happiness or words of wisdom with them. Do away with grief and know that I went to a better place.” Hope that now you have got the idea clear.

The job of funeral professionals is still the same. You have to arrange for the funeral service and support the grieving family. Just make sure you are planning the event as a celebration of life.

Here are a few ways to make the funeral service special by personalizing it.

Quiz the Family and Friends Attending the Funeral Service

Prior to arranging the funeral service, you can ask the family members to inform you about the likes and dislikes as well as the interests of the deceased. With this information, you can create a quizzing session. Ask questions on the favorite sports, preferred dish or the nickname of the deceased. This will make the family members and the friends share special memories they have with the departed, making a provision for the deceased to be a part of the funeral service.

Arrange the Favorite Game

All of us have a favorite game. The deceased must have one as well, the game s/he used to play in spare time. You can arrange for a gaming session where the friends and the family members would be treating themselves to the favorite game of their loved one. You can also arrange for an award for the winner. Just make sure that the prize item should be something that would remind the winner of the deceased. It can be a cup or a batch with the image of the deceased. It can also be the recipe for his/her favorite dish.

Organize Video Presentations

The video presentations are regarded as one of the best ways to remember the deceased in the funeral service. The video presentations capture the unique qualities of the loved one and are quite comforting to the friends and the family members gathered. Try inclusion of unusual things in the slide shows.

The presentations allow the surviving to groove in the memories of the deceased, rejoicing life. To speak the truth, the memories are bound to fade one day. You can share the DVDs at the end of the service. This would be a great way to keep the deceased alive in the memory of his/her loved ones.

There are an array of options to create a personalized funeral service. Make sure to try being innovative and keep the immediate family members informed about the way you are planning to organize the funeral service. It is better not to keep any surprises. You never know if the surprise you are planning would enliven a sore memory. The family of the deceased would be quite sensitive at this point of time and thus, it is advisable to choose each step with extra caution.

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