The Best Ways to Travel for Business

When travelling for business there several factors that need to be taken into account. Naturally, arriving on time is paramount, but being able to work or rest en route, the cost of travelling and how convenient the arrangements are may also need bearing in mind. Furthermore, planning your trip and what you will do whilst you are there can make for a much better experience. Here we consider the best ways to travel for business.

Be Well Prepared

No matter what form of transport you decide to take, there are some rules to follow when travelling for business and perhaps the most important is to be well prepared.

The last thing you want when travelling for business is to be carrying around too much stuff and so travelling light is important. One medium sized holdall, containing two changes of clothing and any equipment you need, such as a laptop and a toiletry bag is all that is required. The luggage you use should also have a document pocket, that can be accessed easily, for your travel documents and maybe some extra cash.

Other tips for being well prepared include charging all your electronic gadgets the night before you travel, downloading any documents or entertainment you are likely to need and ensuring you have any itineraries or meeting agendas.

Business Travel by Train

If your business requires you to travel domestically, that is to say without leaving the country, there is much to be said for travelling by train, particularly, if you are able to get first class tickets. On the whole, trains run on time, are fast and have WiFi.

In first class it is quiet and there are comfortable seats and tables. Relaxing or getting your head down and doing some work are both viable options, while food and drinks are complimentary.

Flying by Private Jet for Business

Flying by private jet for business purposes is becoming increasingly popular, especially as business class seats on commercial flights are now few and far between. Charter companies, such as Vista Jet, offer various options when it comes to booking, for example, seats on empty leg flights are surprisingly affordable.

Many private jet charter companies are now operating with a new business model. The new model includes letting passengers share a jet and as this means the aircraft is full, the price is cheaper. You can, of course, stillcharter the whole planeshould you wish.

The advantages of flying privately for business are similar to travelling first class by train, however, should you need to go overseas, flying wins, hands down.

Driving for Business

There is also the prospect of driving to business meetings and if the appointment is relatively local, why not? Longer journeys though can be fraught with problems, heavy traffic being the most common. Plus, whilst driving you are unable to work or rest and can end up arriving at your destination tired and stressed – this does not make for good business.

There are some, who have the privilege of being chauffeur driven for business, but the numbers who do so are dwindling and this still doesn’t negate the heavy traffic issue.

Use Your Travel Time Effectively

For those who travel frequently for business, using your travel time effectively is paramount. All those hours spent on planes and trains offer the perfect opportunity to clear your head and consider the bigger picture. Uninterrupted time to work on things such as strategy can be hard to come by and so take advantage of it on longer journeys.

Whilst You Are There

And it isn’t just on the journey that you should be mindful of how you use your time. Try to factor in some personal time for when you are on your business trip. This means you have windows in which you can destress, reflect and formulate plans. In addition, you will get to see a little of the place you are visiting and not spend your entire time looking at office interiors.

Another useful tip regarding how to use your personal time when travelling for business, is to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Frequent business trips can take their toll and be a catalyst for eating junk food and not exercising and so keeping yourself in cheque is a good idea.

The Ultimate Business Travel Experience

If it is status and kudos you are looking for and the ultimate business travel experience, then there is a simple solution. If money is no issue then, you are picked up from your home or office and chauffeur driven to the nearest airport. Waiting there, on standby, is a private jet, you jump the queues for check in and security and are aboard your jet and in the air within twenty minutes of arriving. At your destination a second chauffeur driven car awaits, ready to whisk you off to your hotel or first appointment.

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