Little People’s Landing: Spice Up Your Kid’s Play Life with a First-Rate Daycare

It is the desire of every parent to protect children and be part of their success. In order to achieve this, a parent has to ensure that children stay in a safe environment where they can freely interact and be happy.

One of the most challenging situations, especially for mothers, is identifying an appropriate daycare. After all, a nursing mother would have go back to work after the maternity leave. When you don’t have a nanny around, a daycare might be the final care

How can you choose an appropriate daycare?

Finding a daycarer can be easy if you consider the following factors.

  • A good day-care should have a safe and healthy environment

Find out from friends and family members about their experience regarding different day cares. How were they dealing with sick children, washing hands, and changing diapers? They should also have plans to handle an emergency like fire and other natural disasters.

  • Frequent supervision

Your daycare of choice should have caretakers who watch your child closely at all times. The caregivers should be enough so that you can be assured that your child is secure. There should be at least one caregiver for every three or four infants. As for toddlers, there should be one caregiver per every four to six of them.

  • Educated teachers

Day-care teachers should have the proper education of taking care of the kids. Ask administrators of the daycare you choose whether the teachers have undergone training on early childhood education.

  • A focus on learning and development

A good day-care should be organized well with a variety of playing materials for your children such as toys and other activities. There should be plenty of space and lots of activities that fit the interest of your child. Check the activities like outdoor play, reading, music, art, etc. In their program, reading should be done at least two times a day.

  • High standards and willingness to improve

Your facility of choice should be licensed and meet top quality standards. Find a daycare that is always on the move looking to find ways to improve its services. Check whether they have outside evaluators to observe their programs.

  • Consider your priorities

What do you want?

You might be interested in a daycare near your place of work or near your home. Would you love your child to stay in the company of other children? If yes, look for a daycare around you with such features.

Little People’s Landing comes in to give your child a breathtaking experience when you are a way. It is a little home where your child can get emotional, academic, and receive social support in your absence.

What do we have?

  • Enough playing facilities

Playing is an important aspect of the life of a child. Pay attention to the themed décor and overall atmosphere. Many times these things can go a long way to help your child develop interpersonal skills.

  • Different programs

Little People’s Landing are very organized and have programs for:

Infants (6-12 years)

Most quality daycares have a nursery designed for 6-12-year-old children. They have different sleeping and playing areas where they can do different activities without affecting other infants. We understand that infants love colorful toys and that is what we provide.


Many quality daycares also have a program for children aged 12 to 24 months. Large windows where children can watch everything happening outside and enjoy nature as supervisors watch them keenly is a great way to keep your kids entertained.

Pre-school kids

Most quality institutions have classes for preschool kids where we watch their creative abilities and mental skills. In these classes, they are taught how to communicate, be responsible and other social skills.


Having teachers who work together with other elementary schools to make sure that programs are in line with every school’s qualification for first grade is also a great way to ensure your child’s education is accounted for. The services offered should be similar to those in public elementary schools.

Before and after school

Would you like special care for your children before and after school? Having an area where they can complete their homework and keep them entertained is imperative.

School breaks

A daycare who can help you to care for your kids when they are out of school is a nice luxury. Many daycares offer field trips and help your children enjoy their time away from school.

If you have any questions, please ask below!