Important Numbers You Need to Have on Your Phone

phone numberMost people take their phones with them wherever they go. In fact, you are probably more likely to take your phone with you rather than your wallet or your keys! Mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves and are considered to be invaluable in our daily lives. We use them to call people, message friends, surf the internet and use a variety of apps. We are essentially lost without our phones.

One of the advantages of this phenomenon is that will we have our phones in a crisis. You can use this to your advantage by making sure that you have these important numbers installed in your mobile. Here is a list of phone numbers you simply should not be without:

Emergency Contact

This is in case you have an accident and are unable to tell people who to call. One of the most common things that bystanders or hospital personnel will do is to check your contact list. If you have helpfully listed it already, they will know exactly who to call. This can be a life-saving tip to utilize.

Police Department

Of course for the more critical scenarios, you can use the crisis number that is already provided. There are, however, instances that will not be deemed disastrous but will still require the services of a policeman. In particular, you should have the number of the local department saved. This way, you will have direct access to authorities that are closer to you.

Fire Department

When you see a raging fire, your first inclination must be to call the fire service. Of course, it is essential to inform the police. But do know that the assistance of the police is redundant during this situation. In these instances, you will be better off directly phoning the fire department.


Getting locked out of our own home is something that we all have experienced. A typical locksmith can take ages to show up at your home to help you get inside. If you do not have this kind of time in your hands, save the number of an emergency locksmith. They will reach your home much faster and will probably be available around the clock as well.

Animal Control

Nobody thinks that they need this number until they see a snake slithering into their yard. This is why you should always save the number of animal control services on your phone. This way, regardless of where you are, you will have somebody to help take off the wild beasts.

Poison Control

This is an incredibly important one to have if you have small children in your home. Children have a habit of getting into a variety of cupboards and pantries. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to put different substances into their mouth. This is why you should always have poison control listed under crisis numbers. Often, it can make the difference between life and death.


You probably have the number of your local hospital listed. How about your family doctor? This comes in handy when you need to clarify certain symptoms, medications, or a host of points of contention. Instead of making an appointment to see your doctor, you can simply give him or her a call.

Make sure that you have these contacts listed and you will have a solution to most of your problems. Also, remember to always keep your phone charged so that you have access to these numbers!

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