What you need to know about Electrical Installation Certificates in the UK

Domestic_Electrical_Installation_CertificateEverybody would agree that electrical installations deteriorate as time goes by. Undeniably, your installation cannot be at its best always. You this reason, in the UK, your electrical installations must be inspected after a specific period of time to check whether there are any damages and deterioration that may compromise your safety. This is where the electrical installation certificate comes in. After this periodic inspection, a detailed report is compiled to show you where you are not doing well and where you are best.

Benefits of an electrical installation certificate

Electrical inspection is important for electrician due to a number of varied reasons. Let's look at the main benefits.

  • To ensure safety for your properly-during the periodic inspection, the defects in your installations will be highlighted and the necessary steps taken to prevent any future harm. This ensures that the quality of your property is maintained.
  • To inspect the condition of a new home-when moving to a new house, it is recommended to seek electrical inspection to ensure that you are moving into a safe home.
  • When renting your property, it is important to carry out the inspection so that the safety of your tenants is protected.
  • Due to the government policy-the law dictates that all landlords should organize periodic electric installations inspection after a given period of time. If you ignore this, the law will act upon you and you may not like the consequences.
  • To check any overloaded circuits that may otherwise lead to electric shocks and fire outbreaks. The report will also highlight earthling problems that may be available.

How to get the best electrician for electrical inspection and testing

It is important o note that not all electricians are qualified to offer inspection and testing services. Therefore, there are a number of factors to determine whether one is idyllic or not. The factors include:

  • Levels of education-usually, electricians who receive special training for inspection are the only ones allowed to do the testing. Other "bogus" electricians should be avoided. You should ask for documents supporting that a given electrician has received that training before you hire them. You must check whether the electrician is registered by regulatory bodies in the UK such as, ELESCA, NAPIT or NICEIC.
  • The level of experience and reputation-electricians that have been in the field of inspection for long are the best. You can read customer reviews or ask your friends to help you in choosing the best.
  • Check whether the electrician is fully insured-if you realize that a particular electrician is not fully insured then automatically you should know that they are not registered electricians.

What the inspection covers

During this safety check, the engineers carry out the following tasks:

  1. Checks the adequacy of bonding and earthing.
  2. Checks the efficiency of sockets, switch gears and control gears. If any fault is detected, a replacement or repair is done.
  3. The condition of your wiring system.
  4. The type of the residual current device in your fuse box.
  5. Wear, tear and any deterioration in the whole system.

Once all these tasks are completed, the report overall report will determine the fate of your system. If the report declares that the electrical installation is "unsatisfactory", immediate attention must be given to it. Otherwise, the outcome may be unbelievable.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How frequent should my property get inspection and testing?

The period between one inspection and the other may vary from one house to another. For example, if the first inspection revealed some deterioration, a regular inspection should be carried out to prevent any hazards. However, if there is no problem with the installations, three to five-year intervals can be ideal.

  1. How can I prove equipment dead?

It is not recommended to carry out your own test unless you are an experienced electrician. The electricians use test lamps and voltage detectors to prove dead. Multifunction and millimeter instrument should be avoided because it may cause accidents.


Having an electrical installation inspection certificate is the role of any individual. You should be aware that lack of inspection is risky to your life and that of your neighbors. Therefore, you should never hesitate to seek the help of registered electricians to carry out an installation inspection. This will guarantee you a safe stay. Take care of your life!

If you have any questions, please ask below!