Chevy Volt Perfect for a Solar Powered Home

If you have implemented the use of solar energy in your home, you may have noticed that most of the energy goes to waste as a result of overproduction. However, GM’s new Chevrolet Volt, found in Chevy dealer in Dayton Ohio, gives you another option for directing excess solar energy into constructive use. Electric cars are fond of travelling less than 100 miles when fully charged. This is why the Chevy volt comes with an additional fuel tank that springs into action when the battery goes low. This not only guarantees efficiency while driving but the vehicle is also reliable for travelling both short and long distances.2013-Chevrolet-Malibu-2

How Much Will You Spend On the Chevy Volt?

With the inclusion of advanced features such as a rear camera, sensors that assist in front parking, a forward collision alert camera and alloy wheels, the manufacturer’s retail price for the Chevy volt is $41,935 including the destination charge. The car also qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit that will help to offset some of the expenses. You can also opt for a lease at a favorable price in Dayton Chevrolet dealers thanks to the various incentives offered by Ally Bank in conjunction with GM.

Is The Chevy Volt Efficient?

The Chevy uses electric energy for slightly over 38 miles before the gas generator kicks in. Since solar energy is cheaper, you are sure of spending very little especially if you use the vehicle for short distances only. The gas generator is also efficient and consumes less fuel but produces sufficient energy. For example a 73.2 mile trip on a Chevy volt would cost you $3.41 while the same distance on pure gasoline would amount to $14.64. The vehicle is also efficient both in short term and long term.

The MyLink System

The car’s impressive solar system is not the only section that makes it worth trying out. In fact another feature that will capture your attention is the MyLink system that has a 7-inch touch-screen for a user interface. Although it is integrated with other Chevy models, the system is very useful in the Volt since it monitors energy usage through GM’s OnStar service and voice commands. You can also pair it with your Smartphone over Bluetooth and then stream audio through the Stitcher and Pandora apps. The system can play music through a connected USB stick and also has an integrated database that displays the music title and the name of the artist. MyLink applications are supported across different Smartphone operating systems, hence convenient.

Apart from playing music, MyLink can be used to remotely monitor, start or stop the battery charging process or even monitor the fuel levels. There are also dozens of other applications that will help individuals achieve the most out of this vehicle. There are expectations that soon GM will add a connected map service referred to as BringGo that stores maps on a connected Smartphone and then uses them on MyLink for in-dash navigation.

The Chevy Volt is efficient for the typical driver who has solar power and would like to cut down on his or her fuel expenditure. Apart from reducing travelling costs, Chevy features additional advantages that were not implemented in previous electric vehicle models.

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