Know How to Buy a Vehicle from Japanese Auction Houses in 5 Easy Steps

frwfqWhen it comes to buying a new car, one would naturally resort to either paying in cash or would seek a loan from a bank so that the vehicle can be bought on installments. Brand new cars always serve as an attraction for everyone and it is not easy to beat the urge. The joy of having to drive a new car is something which cannot be summed into words.

However, there is an alternative available and a decent one. The alternative is purchasing used cars or in layman’s term; second-hand cars. These vehicles are not only cheaper but are in no way any less in features and feel when compared with fresher models.

As we are aware, the Japanese automobile industry is the most flourishing one and a wide variety of cars can be purchased from Japanese auction houses at an affordable pricing and in good condition. Quite easily, Japanese auto auction system is the biggest and the highly sought after in the world. Without further ado, let’s see how we can buy vehicles from them:

1. Selection of a vehicle for auction

Now, this is as easy as it comes. Register at any of the Japanese auction sites out there. You have to be able to then select a vehicle before you can proceed with the auction. As stated Japanese auction houses have vehicles listed in bulk and you will have to make a selection from among them.

The ideal way to go about is to look for your most preferred cars and compare it with the price it is being put up for auction. The price out to be the lowest. When you click on the car thumbnail you will be shown a ton of details such as the month of production, catalog data, sales history and average pricing over a period of time etc.

2. Submission of the initial deposit money

The next logical step is to deposit the initial sum of money in order to reserve that vehicle or car of choice. In other words, you need to submit a down payment money. That is how you qualify for live bidding. It is an important step whereby you can enter and bid under live auction and complete the buy.

There is no doubt that cars are cheaper at auctions but you have to realize they are cheap for a reason. You have to be vigilant in ascertaining the aspects of a car. Most auction houses will provide you with car inspection team who will evaluate the specs of the car. All we are saying is, don’t leave it all in their hands.

3. Make a successful bidding

This step involves making an actual bid during live bidding for the vehicle of your choice. Way to successfully bid is by gradually raising the selling price for the vehicle in question and taking it to a certain level where it reaches its peak. Since bidding exercise has to stop after reaching a certain point, that is where the deal is sealed and the buyer finally purchases the vehicle.

There is also a chance that when buying from an online auction house, the cars which are displayed on the site are not in actual available for buy. It is just a gimmick auctioneers use to garner public. So be wary.

4. Clear out the payment which is remaining

Now is the time when you proceed with paying off the remaining payment. Remember the down payment you made above? Upon clearing the payment is when the desired vehicle becomes all set to be shipped. Once the payment is received, with the help of a vessel the vehicle is dropped at customer’s doorstep (okay, maybe not doorstep).

5. Finally, the vehicle is delivered to YOU!

After all the relevant papers and remaining payment is received, it’s when the first available ship is booked to deliver documents for the car are delivered in via mail. The actual asset is delivered at the port of your choice.

A bill of lading is usually required along with import documents. Overall it takes a total of 4 weeks to have the asset shipped and eventually delivered. You can browse for different shipping warranty options such as extended warranty shipping and basic shipping warranty. Under extended warranty, you have the ability to seek protection against theft and damage that may occur due to mishaps in transit.

In conclusion

Above are some means whereby you can make a viable and secure purchase at an online auction site.

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