Vehicle Cleaning Myths Busted

Car-CleaningSpring has arrived! It is time for people to start venturing out of the house and spend more time outdoors. As the days get warmer, more people will start washing their cars in their driveway, enjoying the great weather while making their vehicle look shiny and new. However, you would be surprised at the amount of people who are hurting their vehicle, rather than helping it. Take a look at a few of the myths of car cleaning and what you should really be doing.

Myth 1: Old T-shirts make great cleaning cloths.

Wrong-o. T-shirts, flannel, and any other flat, soft object you try to clean your car with are a nearly surefire way for you to add even more tiny scratches to your car. Rather than wipe off water and/or leftover debris, these surfaces just move it around instead. Your best bet is to put those old clothes in the donation box and go purchase a microfiber rag of some type. This type of fabric will pick up any leftover debris, rather than just moving it around and possibly scratching your freshly cleaned vehicle.

Myth 2: Dishwashing detergent is great for washing vehicles.

Not only does dishwashing detergent fight grease and eliminate streaks on your dishes, but it also removes polymers from your paint. Using it to clean your car is the perfect recipe for dulling the shine of your car at the fastest rate possible. The better choice would be to choose soap or cleaner that is made specifically for car cleaning so you know your vehicle and its paint are safe.

Myth 3: I should just wait until my car is filthy before I clean it.

As cute as it is to have "wash me" etched into your otherwise disgustingly dirty back window, this should not be your plan of action when it comes to your car-washing schedule. The longer you let dead bugs and other grime get caked on to your vehicle, the higher the chance that they will start eating away at your wax and possibly damage your paint. Try to schedule a regular wash to keep your car both clean and healthy.

Myth 4: Leather protectants are perfect for anti-aging on my dashboard.

This is actually quite the opposite. Because most dashboards aren't made from actual leather, using leather protectants on them actually speeds up the aging process instead of slowing it down. If you really want to keep your dashboard looking like new, try products that are made specifically for cars or synthetic material.

Myth 5: Waxing isn't really necessary.

Although it takes a little more work on your part, waxing is important to keep your car clean and protected. Wax cleans your vehicle's finish and protects it from the everyday wear and tear. It may also make cleaning your vehicle a little easier, as things will have a smaller chance of sticking to your paint. The amount of times you need to wax a year depends on the area you live in and where you are driving your car, but it may be a good idea to determine the right amounts for your vehicle.

Cleaning your vehicle may seem like a daunting task, but it can be fun as long as you know you are using the right tools and techniques. A vehicle is a rather large investment, so it is important that you are properly informed when taking care of it. Contact your local car specialist if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Information provided by Dents Unlimited.

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