The Comprehensive Car Maintenance Checklist That Every Car Owner Must Follow

Your car plays an integral role in your life. Today, your daily commute mostly depends on your cherished wagon. You go to your office, the shop, and various other places with your car. Numerous tasks require you to take your ride for a spin. Essentially, your mobility heavily relies on the four-wheeler.

However, your car is running unconditionally without any complaints. Being a machine, it is always prone to wear and tear. An unconscious approach may lead to sudden damage to specific components of your car.

Besides, every one of us always steers clear of reaching out to our pocket to pay for undesirable repairs. However, you can avoid such circumstances by just focusing on preventive measures in order to stay on top of your car maintenance.

You may have been driving your vehicle for some time now. Your car might need attention whether it is the latest or regarded as aged. However, you can be on top of your game by just executing a straightforward action.

We bring you a comprehensive car maintenance checklist if you wish to cut your expenses while keeping your wagon in the desired state. It surely helps you to hit the road with confidence over and over. Let’s have a look now.

Your car’s engine oil needs to be changed

Your vehicle constitutes several moving parts. Especially, the engine, the heart of your car, needs a substantial level of lubrication to perform at its best.

The lubricant works as a sealant against the trash, keeping the interior of an engine cool and at the same time, reducing the probability of wear and tear. Generally, most cars need to replace the engine oil at intervals.

The timeline to take any action is after every 6 months or 10,000 KM, whichever comes first. However, different manufacturers may have distinct parameters to replace the engine oil. Therefore, it is always good to go through the owner’s manual to get the precise time limit of engine oil replacement of your car.

In case you are on the hunt for a trusted maintenance service provider. Our proficient professionals help you with the car oil change without any discomfort. It brings unmatched value to your money while relying on our maintenance service.

Scanning and diagnosing your car

Technology brings a lot of value to us. The on-board diagnostics is such as a great tool to take preventive measures. Its sensors can easily detect the fault in vital components in a car. If there is a malfunction, the tools generate the DTC (Diagnostics Trouble Codes).

These fault codes help a mechanic pinpoint the root cause of an issue. However, car scanning and diagnostics bring safety to your car and keep you safe from making the extra expense of paying the mechanic or purchasing a part.

Our on-board diagnostics services help you keep your car abreast in many ways. Let’s look at the areas that can help –

  • Any fault with your car engine’s components
  • Detecting the issue for your car transmission repair
  • Finding problems with brake responsiveness
  • Protecting your car’s exhaust system by detecting any potential fault or contamination
  • Highlighting the wear and tear in essential components such as fuel injection, radiator, etc.

Your car battery is expiring

A car engine works like a heart, while the battery is the pulse that provides the necessary kick. However, no one would like to hear just the clicking sound of ignition and then just silence.

You can avoid the sheer frustration of twisting your keys again and again. A car battery works well until it is in good condition.

However, it is necessary to replace your car battery once you have driven your car for a while.

Your car’s AC is down

The air conditioner is not just a part of a car; it plays a vital role to beat the heat for a comfortable ride amid high temperatures. However, the extended utilisation of the air conditioner does take a toll on its performance; even it may need some repair at intervals.

In case your car’s AC is not blowing the air properly or is low on refrigeration, you have to collect the necessary equipment for your car AC repair.

Besides, our team of mechanics brings a level of expertise to rectify any issue with your car’s air conditioner in the shortest possible time.

Your car’s engine needs some attention

An engine operates the motor vehicle to bring you mobility. However, the engine is utilised far more as compared to other parts of your car. Yet, it can face a variety of issues over time.

The engine usually experiences obstructions by several issues. Some of them are –

  • Ignition switch issue
  • Starter motor relay problem
  • Weary fuel pump
  • Corrupted filters or unchanged oil

However, car engine repair is not everyone’s job. It needs high expertise with a level of focus on details.

Improper wheel alignment

Driving a car with improper wheel alignment may lead to wear and tear to the tyres prematurely. This condition could pose a risk to the person’s safety during a ride. The weak tyres could be the reason for an unprecedented accident.

Besides, the car’s engine has to push itself in order to manage the misaligned wheels resulting in more fuel consumption.

As a part of our maintenance service, we assure you that your car’s wheel alignment should be in proper condition before your leave us to hit the road.

Is your car’s timing belt intact?

A car engine has to be in sync with several internal parts which move for different operations. A timing belt is used to synchronise the typical movement of parts inside an engine. This rubber belt helps in interlocking the cogwheels of the crankshaft with the camshafts.

If you ignore the condition of the timing belt, it might get worn after extended usage over time. Therefore, the timing belt should be replaced before it wears down.

As an essential part of our service, we perform your timing belt replacement to keep your vehicle at the top.

Refresh your car with detailing

Your car generally becomes dirty while rushing through the road. Therefore, it frequently needs quick dusting to offer you the optimal space for commuting. Car detailing is a great solution to keep your car abreast as it is far more meticulous than just the standard wash.

The interior detailing focuses on precisely cleaning interior parts, including cabin, carpet, upholstery, door interior, etc. The exterior detailing cleans the outer part and waxes the same for the delicate shine.

The mechanical engineering product is a complex composition of several parts that enable commuting from one place to another. Therefore, a fault at one unit can have an adverse effect on others or even on your car performance.

Essentially, it needs frequent comprehensive maintenance to avoid undesirable consequences, especially while driving.

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