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Nymi Wristbands, A Social Justice Solution

Nymi Wristbands are the newest in identification technology, with Bionym, a Toronto-based company, announcing the creation of a wristband that uses the wearer’s heartbeat as an identification device, zeroing in on the user. This verifies the identity of the wearer, matching what the company has called the heartwave, which is […]


5 Proven Business Practices to Improve Sales

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, a solid sales strategy is highly essential. Knowing how to promote your products and tap into customer interests is key to meeting sales KPIs. At the same time, developing innovative ideas will help you get past competition and build your brand name. So how […]


Cufflinks through the ages: A love affair

The cufflink, or at least its predecessors, has been a part of men’s wardrobes for about a thousand years. Royal families have been commissioning them to mark weddings and other special events for many centuries; there are even references going back to the Ancient Egyptians. These days, of course, with […]


Predictive Healthcare

With so many smart devices on the market at the moment, it is extremely promising that healthcare is one of the main concerns when looking at the future of wearable technology. Research suggests that healthcare is the largest opportunity in the wearables market, with experts predicting fitness trackers to occupy […]