Internet of Things is going to change the way we lead our lives – Its incredible impact

hjghvjgvThere’s no denying the fact that the IoT or Internet of Things has the power to bring a major overhaul to the way we lead our lives. Though we’ve started seeing its incredible impact, yet we’re still at the initial stage of the journey of transformation. In fact, for people to wrap their minds around this concept, IoT seems to be a difficult one. Ideally, it consists of a plethora of technically advanced gadgets which have the ultimate ability to sense, react to behavior of humans, monitor and also transmit data.
Very soon, every gadget that you own will be connected to the Internet, whether through your smartphone or the wearable tech that you’re wearing. All the smart household appliances will connect people in a way that they had never imagined before. Here are few ways in which IoT will affect our daily lives.

#1: Transportation

AT&T recently added 2.2 million new wireless lines added in the last quarter, just half of them were meant for people and the remaining half was done for the automobiles. BMW, GM and different other automobile companies joined hands with AT&T to set up LTE in their automobiles so that this could bring about a change in the way in which people go around places. LTE-enabled cars can provide real-time information, diagnostics of vehicle and many more. Drivers can very soon tap into each and every element on the road they drive.

#2: A ‘smart’ home is the next big thing

A ‘smart’ home is the first thing that comes to mind when you speak of Internet of Things. There will be security systems which can let you monitor and supervise your home even when you’re not inside and far away from your home. Bitdefender BOX can protect the security of all the devices that are connected to the internet. If you’re concerned about the security of the smart gadgets that are all connected to the internet, you may opt for Bitdefender Home Scanner as it watches out for vulnerable passwords and also provides you with security advices for the entire home network.

#3: Exercise & health will also see a change

If you’re a tech junkie, you will definitely fantasize about the future gyms which will be armed with IoT connected devices. You will be rather glad to know that this technology has already entered the market on an individual level. Smartwatches and wristbands have entered the market offering personalized data about fitness activities and health. The pedometer smartwatches can track the calories that you burnt, your heart rate and several other health data.

#4: Businesses will be more optimized

IoT is also going to assist the businesses in optimizing their operations in different ways. Did you know that there are some stores which leverage signals from the smartphones of shoppers to track their in-store behavior and they pair it with their online data to get customer information. All those retailers who have apps in their smartphones can even deliver coupons and other materials to the customers at the right place and time.

#5: Your refrigerator will never run out of customers

If you install smart refrigerators in your home, they will sense when your fridge is running low on the main groceries which you need everyday like milk, eggs and it will automatically fill up the grocery list once again. Based on the history of your purchasing behavior and buying trends, stores will push reminders to add things to your list when it understands that you’re running out of groceries. Whenever you walk into the store, you will get reminders so that you don’t require taking a second trip.

#6: Wearable tech will snatch all attention

Wearable tech seems to have snatched all the attention till date of the Internet of Things. There are many products which are already in their third generations and they offer sleek designs and better integration with various systems. The gadgets will monitor the activity when you’re sleeping by tracing your sleep patterns and you can wear them to all places.

So, as we see the Internet of Things is definitely going to bring about a huge change in almost all aspects of our lives. It was in 1999 that Kevin Ashton first coined the word ‘Internet of Things’ and it was then that he thought about what the future was going to bring to us. Today, the IoT is already here and it is setting an impact on our lives in more ways than one.

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