The Designing Process and Uses of Silicone Rubber Bracelets

Silicone rubber is used in a large variety of products and its usefulness is not restricted to the industrial sector only. This versatile manufacturing material is popularly used in recreational merchandise and over the years, they have been utilized in making attractive rubber-based accessories. The use of bracelets and wristbands has increased which has offered rubber jewelry manufacturers and silicone companies a good revenue stream. Slowly and steadily, it has spread its base in the consumer goods market.

One of the reasons for the appeal of these wristbands and bracelets is the ease with which they can be customized. With a simple and efficient manufacturing process, a good number of bracelets can be produced. Many services allow their clients to place orders by specifying their individual requirements such as, the color, shape, style and size. The great potential for design variations and a competent cost-to-price ratio go on to build a promising market for silicone rubber bracelets and wristbands.

color-coatedMany wristbands are still made of synthetic rubber materials. However, today, maximum number of decorative bracelets and wristbands are produced using silicone. What is silicone? It is a bonded polymer substance having elastomeric ingredients that make the material flexible and resistant to water. Originally, silicone was used as an insulating material. This material is resistant to heat, but prone to damage due to exposure to Ultraviolet rays.

About the Manufacturing Process

At first, silicone rubber stock is formed into strips of varying thickness. Then, the strips are compression molded into a round cross-section of a wristband. Although color dyeing is a pre-molding process, many companies provide their clients with the option to choose from a wide range of colors. Silicone wristbands that are custom made have high elasticity levels as a result of which, they can be stretched over wrists. Most decorative silicone bracelets are made in a circumference from 7 inches to 8.5 inches. The width remains half an inch and the thickness is a tenth of an inch approximately.

Text Styles

The popularity of silicone bracelets originates from its usefulness in displaying messages. If you wish, you may either customize the text on your wristband to suit your requirements or you may choose from various common phrases. You can find the phrases written in different striking styles. Some of them are mentioned below:

Debossed - This lettering format is the most popular among the ones discussed here. Debossed words are placed on the silicone through an imprint mold.

fat-one-inchEmbossed - In order to create this style, raised letters are used that protrude around 2 millimeters from the surface of the band. The molding process is same as that of debossing.

Colored Debossed - This style is really eye-catching as it highlights the lettering, thanks to debossing and colors.

Silk screen-printed - In silk-screen printed wristbands, the text is placed on the surface of the silicone. The text color differs from the band color. According to your wish and requirement, you can ask the service provider to print the text on the inside or outside of the wristband.

Other customization options involve pattern design and color choice. Given the fact that the dyeing process is performed prior to the molding process, many manufacturers offer a large number of color choices. You may select from single-colored, multi-colored and marbleized bands. The last variation combines different colors in a crisscross pattern.

Here is a video with the process of making and designing rubber bracelets.


Use of Silicone Wristbands

Apart from their extensive use as fashion accessories, silicone bracelets have other uses as well. Their widespread application is seen in fundraising for charitable causes. They can symbolize campaigns against life-threatening diseases and that support the victims of natural calamity. You can use silicone bracelets as a symbol of your sports team or community group.

In addition to these, the use of silicone bracelets is a smart strategy for marketing and spreading brand awareness. You may have noticed that many organizations distribute wristbands made from silicon as promotional giveaways. The logo of the organization is printed on the wristband and this is to increase brand recognition and thereby, maximize sales. Selecting this marketing strategy is a cost-efficient move.

Banking on the wide popularity of silicone bracelets, you can incorporate an effective and easy on the pocket strategy to advertise the products or services of your company.

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