Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Bracelets for Men – Style Tips

Bracelets for MenAre you a man who is stylish enough but who wonders about whether or not he should wear a bracelet or a wristband. Everywhere you look, you will always see someone dangling those dozens of leather bands or those metal trinkets through his forearms. There have been a lot of men who have been busy with wearing bracelets as one of the most vital accessories to match their outfits. But there are definitely some style tips which you need to take into account if you want to wear it correctly and perfectly. You just have to be a bit careful about what you’re wearing and how you’re carrying it off. There are some clear dos and don’ts to know of. Check out some before you embrace this trend.

Do embrace lots of colors

Every year, there is a change in the kind of bracelets that become famous with men. Last year, bracelets were all about woven leather ones or the metallics but if you’re a man with keen interest on wearing bracelets, you may even have fun. A bright lilac, orange or teal wrist accessory is definitely one of the best ways of getting some good choice of colors within an outfit, especially if you hate wearing pants which are lilac, orange and teal. You will be spoilt for options when it comes to leather wristbands but if you opt for some of the most saturated and neutral colors, you should reach out for woven nylon and glass beads.

Don’t’ opt for heavy metal

If you used to wear that studded leather cuff during your school days, you should forget about them. Even those with giant turquoise and hammered silvering is a thing of past now. In case of wearing metal, it should always be streamlined or modern and it shouldn’t be nostalgic or bulky. If you’re looking for sleek metal bangles and wristbands, you may consider sites like Ezylanyards. They are usually if different thicknesses ranging from skinny to a bit extravagant.

Do mix and match things

The key to adopting a trendy style is by embracing variety. You should wear bracelets in such a manner that you gather compliments on the choice of your accessories rather than being just another person with a band on his wrist which is hardly noticed by anyone in a party. You may choose a few different bracelet styles, for example silver band, glass beads or even opt for something which combines distressed silver and braided leather in a single piece. The more you mix and match; the better will be the style.

Don’t limit yourself to bracelets for men

Get over the trend of using men’s perfume, men’s bracelets as nowadays everything is unisex. A bracelet that looks great will definitely look great both on a man and on a woman. Hence, when you visit a store, don’t restrict yourself to only the men’s bracelets.

Therefore, if you have been wondering about the ways in which you can don bracelets in the most stylish manner, you should follow the above mentioned tips and advices.

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