10 Amazing Wrist Watches That Will Make You Feel like a Winner

A wrist watch is more than just a utilitarian accessory: in the best of designers’ hands, it can become not only a whimsical expression of your mood but a work of art. Some of these watches aren’t necessarily for all situations, but for distinction and originality, they win!

  1. Stay in Tune with the Stars…

This watch can put you in touch with stars both loftier and more esoteric than those on the popular dance show!Called Midnight Planetarium, it is part of Van Cleef & Arpel’s Poetic Complications collection — and literally tracks the path of the universe right on your wrist!


  1. …Or Just Shine like One

Like to be visible after dark? This is the watch for you, from Ball Watch Company. The secret illuminator is what they call “gas light” technology; some notable models are the Engineer II Volcano and the Engineer Hydrocarbon GMT, with a light-up, sapphire-toned bezel.


  1. Contribute to a Worthy Cause

This model by Blancpain, makers of the Fifty Fathoms dive watch, offers you the chance to contribute a portion of its price to oceanic research. The Ocean Commitment Bathyscape Chronograph Flyback contains just 250 pieces, making it also a prudently modest “machine” as well.

  1. Celebrate a Legend

Who says chivalry is dead? This Excalibur watch might just make you feel like a knight in shining armor yourself! With intricate detail on every hour marking, this is one of the most unique ways to feel on time in the present…while having a striking connection to the past.


5. Honor Scholastic Achievement

The Baume & Mercier folks believe “life is about moments,” and they back that up tangibly by pairing with the London Business School. As “student celebratory partner,” B&M will award its watches to outstanding students as recognition of their successes.


6. And, Speaking of Good Grades…


Know how to “do the math” and proud of it? Wear your equations on your sleeve — or at least your wrist — with this bragworthy Equation Watch. It’s waterproof as well, a plus: not that we think you’re necessarily going to be called to do higher mathematics while scuba diving. Then, again, you never know…

7. What Time Was that Appointment, Again?


It goes without saying that this is a great timepiece for those who rack up Frequent Flyer miles every year. But even if you’re not a jet-setter, this Time Traveller watch by Mr. Jonescan be an invaluable business tool. Need to make overseas calls and can’t memorize the time zones? No problem: just check out the handy international “timetable” on your own wrist, and you’ll never wake an important client too early in the morning again!


  1. Luddites Beware!

This Digital Destruction Watch blasts through your old analog face with attitude, giving you easy-to-read digital time on a 24-hour-based format. Made by designer Ross McBride, this timepieceis available in black IP or brushed stainless steel with a neat black band, a piece of art that can go from the club to the boardroom without fuss.

  1. The Classic with Versatility

A timepiece with classic lines goes easily from outdoors to indoors, from the classroom to the workshop, and everywhere in between. This Classic wrist watchwith a black Italian leather strap never goes out of style: it harmonizes with your entire wardrobe, from casual wear to the most formal occasions. It’s elegant, tasteful, and easy to read — and in this age of omnipresent smartphones, that’s a plus. Interchangeable wristbands are also an advantage from this maker, enabling you to “dress up” or “dress down” your watch for anything you’ve got planned!


  1. An Accessible Winner

Perhaps one of the finest examples of a watch designed to help a man feel like a winner is this timepiece, called The Bradley — made for the visually impaired to “touch and see.” This praiseworthy design with “vision” of its own, by Eone Timepieces includes raised hour marks, a side ball bearing to indicate hours, a front ball bearing to indicate minutes, and different textures for “major” and “minor” marks on the face.


Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a road warrior, a sports enthusiast, or a man who enjoys wearing “fine art” as an accessory, watchmakers the world over offer myriad choices of unique, quirky, and fun timepieces to suit both the mood and demands of your life. Check them out!

If you have any questions, please ask below!