Hints & Tips To Consider When You Host A Networking Event

corporate-eventThere are many different things to consider when you’re hosting a networking event, especially as it requires large amounts of focus and attention. It can be hugely beneficial to business owners as it can help themselves bring in business, but also help the people and businesses network with one another. For business owners it can be difficult to squeeze time into busy schedules in order to host such an event, so we’ve come up with a few top tips to help you through it!

Consider Your Venue

Networking events can solely depend of the venue, so ensuring the right venue is chosen is crucial. If the networking event is further than people want to travel that can often cause attendees to think twice, so it’s important to consider every venue. Once you have selected the right location, you’ll also have to consider space, size and whether there are any incorporated packages that could be beneficial. Hotels have been known to include great packages into the prices, as they know it will drive sales from the bar, so ask as many questions as possible. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a hotel space it could also be a rented area, a roof top bar, a bar itself or maybe even some garden space for a pretty little barbeque. These are things to consider so that the attendees at your networking event enjoy themselves and have little to no worry.

Simplicity Will Always Win In Such Events

Make sure things are simple when you’re hosting a networking event. The simpler the networking event the less maintenance will be required once it has begun. Allow things to work together and ensure that the networking timetable is as simple as possible. This can be benefit in terms of the length of the event and also making sure that the attendees actually have the opportunity to network with one another. Remember that networking is the reasoning behind the event, so it should take up most of the time. The registration of each attendee should also be simple, as a difficult registration system can increase waiting times and also entry times. Utilise wristbands and see how quickly people can get into and outside your venue.

Networking Comes First

Whether or not you’re looking to increase sales from a networking event, the important part to remember is that every attendee is there to network. This should be the main priority throughout the entire time. Allow people to network before presentations, after and of course during meal times. If people feel as though they are unable to do so, you can often find people getting frustrated and leaving rather than making the most of it. Listen to each one of attendees and more importantly introduce people to one another. Start a conversation and help people network with one another.

The Real Meet & Greet

Showing that you are more than a face behind a networking event is important to build trust. Building trust with those that are attending will offer more of a benefit than posting a video of yourself with a ‘glad you’re hear’ message. These are things that can make networking events seem like a huge waste of time, rather than something that can be beneficial for both attendees and yourself. Meeting the person responsible is important can will make sure you seem like you care.


Taking on board feedback is quite possible one of the best things you can do. Listening to your attendees at the networking event and as well as after the event has finished will help increase number of attendees for the future. It will also help you improve event of event and also help you reach out to more and more people. Not only will it improve the networking and bring in numbers, but it will also help those attending feel valued.

If you have any questions, please ask below!