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The Win-win Formula for an Optimized Landing Page: Web Design Parameters

Own a website? And have not yet paid heed to your landing page design? Then let me tell you the truth. You are losing some potential leads. The landing page is a vital touchpoint that familiarizes visitors with a brand and encourages them to take relevant action.

A designer works on website landing page design to convert visitors to potential leads. They aim to provide all the reliable information about the brand visitors should know, motivating them to explore more. You may have noticed how the designers tweak the design elements, colors, and overall layouts in the best landing page websites. This is mainly for conveying the brand message in the best way.

Why do you Need to Build a Creative Landing Page?

Besides your product or service, the landing page showcases your online brand. Indeed, it is necessary to be creative on this front. A creative landing page is needed for the following reasons.

Works as an Attention Seeking Element

When visitors access your website or online brand, the first element they interact with is the landing page. If you cannot design it in an exciting way, visitors will not turn up to your brand. In this era, where users have comprehensive options available to them, missing out on the ‘attentive’ and ‘creative’ elements would cost you a considerable loss.

Through your landing page, try to seek the attention of your visitors rather than swaying them away.

Brand Differentiation

Yes, putting effort into your website landing page design can differentiate your brand from competitors.

Let’s take an example of two brands offering leather bags. Given that the product lines are the same, what do you think can be their point of differentiation? One of the significant points of brand differentiation is its landing page. The way they convey their brand message is relevant. The color scheme both brands use differentiates them.

Thus, ask your web design company to creatively design brands’ landing pages.

Prominent Brand Recall

When visitors encounter a creative landing page that leaves a positive impression, they are more likely to remember your brand even after they have left the page. This can increase brand recall and recognition, making them more likely to revisit or recommend your brand to others.

In this digital era, don’t just rely on the quality of your offerings (service or products) but also the branding context.

Improving User Experience

Creativity in design is not just about aesthetics. It is also about improving the overall user experience. A thoughtfully designed landing page can make navigation intuitive, content easy to digest, and important information readily accessible. This, in turn, reduces bounce rates, increases time spent on the page, and improves user satisfaction.

Website Design Parameters for Optimized Landing Page

Incorporating Media

When designing a landing page, ensure that your page is not static. Hence, you must add media (video or any animation relevant to your product or service). These elements act as a motivation insisting users take action.

Also, ensure that the added media conveys your brand narrative and makes strong connections with visitors. Adding relevant media to your landing page optimizes it by improving visual appeal, communicating messages effectively, increasing user engagement, enhancing storytelling, improving information retention, boosting SEO, and facilitating social media sharing. These factors collectively contribute to a more impactful and effective landing page that can drive better results for your business.

Correct Choice of Color Scheme

The colors used in the landing page should be consistent throughout the website. The color you choose for your online presence signifies your brand identity. Random choice of color would negatively impact your brand.

Do you know that color selection is essential in engaging your visitors? It drives the visitor’s perception of your brand. The right choice of color schemes enhances the UX and guides the visitor’s behavior. This eventually helps in landing page optimization. Also, you have to consider the psychological factor of the audience.

Remember that effective color usage of landing pages is about aesthetics and conveying the right message, creating visual harmony, and considering accessibility.

Simple Visuals

You may have noticed visuals on the home page or landing page. This is meant to engage visitors. Always note that adding a cluster of visuals and crowding the page is not a smart design choice.

Experts of web design companies keep space to breadth. They don’t clutter the page with visuals. They keep enough whitespace so that visitors interact with every element on the landing page.

Adding simple visuals implies maintaining a minimalist design. As per an article by Harvard Business Review, minimalist design with simple visuals improves readability and focus. This way, the approach helps highlight the brand’s value proposition.

Showcase of Recognition Badge

Highlighting the brand’s earned badge in a strategic way is the best you can showcase on your landing page. This increases the brand’s credibility. Moreover, optimizing the landing page would be a complete failure if you do not add these elements on the topmost part of the page.

Also, it makes the first impression of your brand. It signifies how trustworthy and well-performing your brand is. Thus designing landing pages is not about adding creative and visual elements but also about making way for branding.

Also, it makes the first impression of your brand. It signifies how trustworthy and well-performing your brand is. Thus designing landing pages is not about adding creative and visual elements but also about making way for branding.

It is essential to ensure they are relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with your brand’s values and objectives. Authenticity and transparency are crucial to maintaining trust, so only display recognition badges your brand has legitimately earned.

Making Space for Social Proof

You strive to create an environment of trust and credibility by including social proof elements, such as testimonials. These segments not only inspire confidence in your brand but also serve as a means to showcase positive experiences and feedback from satisfied customers. Prominently featuring such proof, you aim to solidify the reputation and reliability of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your website visitors.

When incorporating social proof, balance it with other vital elements on your landing page, ensuring that it doesn’t overwhelm or distract visitors from the primary call to action. The goal is to strategically place social proof elements throughout the page to instill trust and confidence in your visitors and encourage them to take the desired action.

To Conclude

Website design is much beyond placing visuals and adding graphics and colors. More than just a designer, website designers play the role of brand communicators. For a landing page, web design parameters comprise different criteria. The most prominent ones include:

  • Adding media or relevant animation.
  • Placing minimal visuals.
  • Strategic choice of a color palette.
  • Adding badges or other brand recognition.
  • Adding social proof.

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