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10 Web Design Trends to Win More Customers in 2023

It takes 50 milliseconds for any user to make an opinion about your website and to decide whether to keep scrolling or go back, taking an action or not comes later. The famous quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to website design.

The more visually appealing your website is, the more customers it is supposed to attract.

57 % of users won’t even consider your website while recommending it to anyone if the design doesn’t provide a smooth user experience.

Whether you have a start-up or a well-established company, you need to design your website according to the new trends. The web designing world is constantly evolving, popular trends of yesterday get vanished today. You have to dwell on the edge of the technological revolution to build a futuristic website and keep upgrading the same with brainstorming ideas that will match today’s trends.

Let’s get insights into 10 web design trends to enter 2022 with a bang.

1. 2022 Demands Playful and Optimistic design

As we are facing the pandemic for 2 years now, a fun and optimistic web design can cheer people’s moods and can give them a lively feeling.

Funky shapes and colours and smiling faces can help inject positivity into a web design.

Designers can also use cartoons or graphics that people will relate to.

You can also use Memphis design, which involves chaotic patterns and shapes which is more colourful and approachable and playful.

Many companies like Fofso and Bernad Forever have quirky and optimistic websites.

2. Bold Colour and fonts Are The Key

Colour can influence mood and decisions. The right colour scheme can convey the purpose of the brand, can induce a good first impression and can also increase the conversion rate.

Using colourful fonts are one of the leading trends of 2022. The use of bold and bright colours at places can help catch the audience’s attention as the subtle colours might bore people in the forthcoming days.

Bold typography is also in trend as the bold letters are evident and help evoke a strong bold statement. It helps the audience get a clear idea about the company. An amalgamation of beautiful lettering style and lighter experimental typeface can play the magic.

Pro Tip: One should always read colour psychology before deciding the colour for the website. People of different age groups and different gender perceive colours differently.

3. It’s Time to Tweak Minimalism

Minimalism stands for “Less is more”. Many companies have adopted minimal designs in the past to generate a classy vibe. But 2022 is the time to renovate and come with a twist to the usual minimal design which includes lots of white spaces.

Minimalism with a pinch of colours is the new choice of users. A minimal, simple, streamlined design can suffice the audience’s need as everyone is becoming more and more occupied, getting caught in the net of confusing graphics and deviating the user comfort.

Pro tip: Do not forget to big clear buttons of Call to action, blend it with your minimalism. You can go to any web design company to make them your web design partner.

4. Time To Curate Personalized Content

By doing research on the target audience, designers and analyze the pain points and needs of the audience and can design and upload content accordingly.

Personalized content generates credibility and confidence in the audience. One can do the research by achieving the visitor’s demographics, or by doing behavioural analysis from different sources. One can also visit a web design agency to get help.

Pro tip: You can exploit Google Analytics and SEMrush for deep research of your audience or can refer to any web design agency.

5. Micro Animation is the Emerging Trend

As everyone loves using GIFs and animated stickers on different messaging and social media platforms, people are appreciating the usage of these micro animations in website design too.

You can incorporate minimal designs that will guide your viewers to different segments of your website, providing good navigation. It can also induce a vibe of jazziness.

Ecommerce websites can also use this micro animation to showcase their product by using a moving animation of the product. This will help maximize the user experience.

6. Dark & White Mode Toggle Is One Of The Essentials

You should definitely include the feature of dark and white mode toggle in your website design for 2020. Giving the privilege to the customers can show how much you care for your customer’s preference as a company and that will give a positive experience to the user.

Ensure your design scheme contains a colour palette for both the modes, only keeping the switch to convert white to dark mode is not enough.

7. Smart Content Load Is What Your Users Are Expecting

2021 web design trends are long gone now. You have to upgrade your content load speed. Over 50% of visitors will leave the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. In the past, it was okay for any website to load in 5 seconds but now, you have to make it 2 seconds by using smart design.

Do not overload your website with a plethora of resources, graphics and third-party integrations, you can smartly place your content on your website to make it easier for your audience to find content and show them what they are looking for and download what they desire.

Intended design that is user-centric can help you get better returns on your investment.

8. Human of Today Needs Human-like Chatbots

Chatbots have been a part of many websites for quite some time. Chatbots play a crucial role when it comes to customer support and experience. And to be honest no one feels exhilarated in getting treated by machine language. The conversation with a chatbot can be personalized and humanized.

With the progress in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Chatbots can easily do the work of many people. It will be a better investment in 2022.

9. Virtual Reality Can Be your Customer’s Favorite

AR-VR market will grow up to $209 billion by 2022. VR is here for a while and the future of VR is bright.

Virtual reality is an interactive software, that engrosses the audience with 3D experience. As the world is leaning more toward a virtual space where people want to experience everything from their bedroom, VR allows users experience what the product will do for them virtually.

IKEA, Sephora and MOSCOT are some of the eCommerce brands which are already leveraging VR to give their customers the experience of their product.

10. Accessibility and Availability is crucial for 2022

You definitely don’t want to get criticism for not creating space for people having disabilities like visual and auditory impairments. Let everyone know how much you care for every need of all kinds of customers. Make your navigation easy for all people. It will help you reach a bigger audience, boost your SEO and conversion.

Pro Tip: You can read web design blogs like Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, Web Design Ledger, etc.

Start Your Website Revamping Now

2022 is only inviting the latest websites with trendy designs. There are 1.88 billion websites out there, to stand tall in today’s competition you need to bring your website revamping plan in motion. These 10 trends will help you gain the name and fame your website is destined for. But first of make sure your website is secure, responsive and highly functional, safety comes first then the trends. You can easily incorporate these trends by visiting any website design agency or you can get on a call with Web design consultants for the best web design services.

If you have any questions, please ask below!