Where to Get Tracks to Listen on Your Own?

Music is what follows us everywhere. It is our only mate which goes along whatever direction we choose. The only one who understands us completely. So, when you are on your own and it is time for your self-analyses and reflection, audio waves seem to be a perfect background. But how to get them into your iPhone and listen to audio tracks for free?

There are two apps, created by Freemake company, which are perfect for both introverts, who are habitual to spending time on their own, and for extraverts, who decide to go away from the crowded parties and dive deeper into themselves.

Free MP3Box

Free MP3Box is a stylish audio streaming app. It is both very user-friendly and easy to use due to the simplicity of its design and features' arrangement.

Every artist is suitable for one specific mood. So, if you are down, you can type in the search bar the band which suits better your inner rhymes. It can be Nirvana, Linkin Park or Backstreet Boys - the choice depends only on your own preferences.


Or you can actually specify the particular song name and find it easily in the search as well. The main advantage is that you don't need to care about audio storage beforehand. Funds of world famous music are already with you, if your Internet allows streaming. So, this makes it possible to find suitable tracks for every mood of yours in every moment.

In the Favorites section you can make playlists for every mood. Searching for songs one by one, tap the heart icon near the most preferable ones and add them to the pink unit. The great feature is that you can delete the tracks if your mood changes, and fill the playlist with other audio compositions.


And sometimes, when you cannot identify, what songs or artists you want to listen to, use hashtags and find music similar to your taste. This app understands your every heart movement, you just need to tell it directly. Use hashtags to make your words legible. Put the icon # before the chosen direction like #rock, #pop, #indie, #metal and so on. And if you want even more tracks of the same music direction, switch to the radio mode and try using these hashtags as well. You will face radio stations which stream the required music field in a live mode.

Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader is a very optimistic app as well and it is available for free on the App Store. Due to its colorful and juicy design, you will see that your entire dark mood is already gone. Here you can find the required song by its name or the name of the artist. Before downloading, you can preview the track and stream it. After that the audio path will be added to the playlist section.


This downloader is really helpful when your Internet connection is very weak. With it you are able to go far away from the crowd and even go to the places somewhere without any civilization or Internet connection.

In total, both apps are ideal to run away from civilization and have a bit of rest from other people. Just make sure your iPhone battery will endure the non-stop music quest with those cool Freemake apps.

If you have any questions, please ask below!