Top Idea Management Software Option for Your Business

If you are looking to unlock the innovation you have within your business, actively encourage your employees to come forth with their ideas, and seek faster and more successful ways of moving your business forward, you should look at idea management software to help. There is various software you can choose from depending on the nature of your business and its needs, but the crux of the matter is that through the use of such software, you can really help to take your business to the next level.


Bright Idea

This smart and sophisticated cloud-based idea management software is one of the most popular idea management suites out there and is the perfect tool for mid-sized and large companies to manage their in-house innovation. This piece of software has an easy to use front end where users can share ideas, thoughts, metrics, and information such as graphs and data to support their ideas and their thoughts for the business. At the back end, the software provides high-value information for management to review, compare, and make decisions based on the ideas and business proposals that may come their way. If the cloud had a brain, it would be Bright Idea. This powerful tool enables a project to go from conception to implementation. Its Webstorm feature allows organizations to freely share ideas from around the world. Its Switchboard feature makes it possible for these ideas to be reviewed, sorted, and filtered; leaving only the best and feasible ones. Its Pipeline feature provides a platform where the feasible ideas can be transformed to living and fully functional projects. Ultimately, there are other features that further add to the experience, and provide additional abilities to facilitate the birth, nurturing, and implementation of projects.



Quip is not only an idea management software suite but also an all-in-one project management tool that’s perfect for a global business or a business with multiple locations. Users of the software can collaborate on ideas, innovation, and projects through shared spreadsheets, documents, checklists, tasks, and files. The software is incredibly easy to use and its interface makes it accessible to everyone that you want it to be accessible to. This is a high powered piece of software that enables users to chat in real time and complete a project that has been set out for them. It’s the ultimate collaboration software because it enables teams to collaborate across almost all devices that can connect to the web. And it doesn’t stop there, quip enables all connected parties to communicate without necessarily using their email addresses because all required communication is built in, and all updates on a project are reflected in real time. This application is a game changer, and a necessity as long as collaboration is a basic need in your organization.



Spigit, much like Bright Idea, is a cloud-based software suite that centers its focus on banking, energy, utilities, construction, engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The software is ideal for crowdsourcing for businesses as well as innovation management. All ideas in the software are represented with graphical information, which makes it perfect for comparisons and predictions of ideas. This software actually appears like more of a game than an innovation suite, with points available to be won for great ideas and incentives offered to help drive the employees to the software. The game-style outlay also makes the software so easy to use. This software comes in over 3 different languages and really makes global business easy. Spigit’s approach to innovation is so effective that its name is surrounded by some of the most successful companies in the world; like Intel, AT&T, Unilever, Citibank, Pfizer, Duke Energy, among others. Its proprietary automation, highly configurable and patented algorithms, and the multi-lingual and secure platform enable it to scale seamlessly throughout an organization.

These are just the top 3 of many idea management software options that are out there, but they are the 3 that have been the rest of the crop. The reason these software solutions are so popular and highly recommended is their ease of use and the fact that they, above the others, make innovation management so simple.

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