TunesGo Retro: Manage iOS Devices Easily & Effortlessly

How many times have you found it difficult to share your files from your Apple devices and iTunes to a basic PC? Everyone knows the hassle associated with sharing things on an iOS device, Apple officially doesn’t support sharing for inter devices and we all needed a way out. TunesGo Retro is amazing software by Wondershare that takes care of every problem associated with the management of huge files in your Apple device. This software makes life easier for all the music lovers out there and it has the capability to stream music even faster than iTunes. With some stellar features to go with, all the users of this software have loved it for all the great things that it can do.


TunesGo Retro - Manage your Music Libraries at Ease

TunesGo Retro is a high utility app for all those who have huge music libraries in iTunes. It is developed by Wondershare and has a horde of different features to go with. With this software, you can easily manage your library and share any file with any device you want. Sharing is seamlessly fast and it gets done things easily. One more additional advantage of this software is that it automatically detects duplicate copies and makes them single which doesn’t happens natively in iTunes. iOS transfer is a breeze with TunesGo Retro.f34f3f

Features of TunesGo Retro

This software is jam packed with great features and it is one of the best iPhone transfer app. No matter what your use case is whether you have to transfer file from iPhone to PC or vice versa, it has your back and effortlessly does so. Let’s see the features for TunesGo Retro which makes it one of the best softwares for file transfer and many other things.


  • Can transfer files from your Apple device to any other device you want.
  • Streams music faster than iTunes.
  • Completely build or reconstruct an entire iTunes library from scratch.
  • Easily share music from your iCloud account too.
  • Fixes song informations through a huge database which is used by iTunes itself. Does all of it automatically.
  • Automatically converts iOS unsupported formats to supported ones.
  • 100% quality retention even after transferring files.

TunesGo Retro Features in details

Let’s see some of the important features of this iOS manager in more details so that you can make a sound decision of getting this software to do the job for you.

File transfer for iOS


This is probably the best feature of this software and it is completely worth it only for this amazing feature. You can easily transfer file from PC to iPhone or any other device you want. It makes sharing files completely hassle free through iPhone, iPad, iTunes or any other Apple device. Transferring files is completely seamless and doesn't require you to go through a tedious process.

Create iTunes library from scratch

A lot of times your system can crash and all you are left with is nothing. But not anymore, this software lets you rebuild every single file in your iOS library or iTunes just like it existed before. It is a winner feature too and can be used many times when your files are lost unknowingly. All the files are reconstructed without any loss in quality.

GIF Maker

You can easily turn your photos or videos into GIFs with ease. Photos can be easily imported from your PC or iPhone and you can select the order in which you wish the photos to appear in your GIF. If you have the videos, you can convert them directly to the GIFs.

Share music easily from iCloud


Sharing files is what this software does brilliantly and you can easily share all your music files from Apple’s cloud service iCloud. This feature can be used anytime you want to transfer music from the cloud. It is always safe when the files are in a cloud and thus we must have the ability to share it from there anytime we want and TunesGo retro helps us do exactly that and thus it is known as the best iPhone manager.

TunesGo Retro Pricing

The pricing for TunesGo Retro is extremely affordable and looking at the features it provides, it is totally worth it. For basic needs, if you want to buy a 1 year license for 1 PC, it will cost you $19.95. You get all the features and this software for a year. Another option is for Lifetime, which is a better option because once you start using this software there is no going back. It is a complete iOS transfer expert and the lifetime version for 1 PC would cost you $39.95 which is cheaper when you consider the cost for 1 year. If you want this software for multiple (2-5 PCs) use, you can get it for lifetime at $107.95. All the costs are extremely feasible.


Final Say

This is great software not only for transferring files but also for a lot of other useful things. There is no other software that is capable of doing such things and it comes at an attractive pricing so get it and be assured of everything relating to your huge music library. Sharing has never been any easier after TunesGo Retro.

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