Top 10 Surprising Top Food Delivery App Startups That Made Their Founders Millionaires

Top Food Delivery App Startups

When is the last time you ordered your food through online food delivery app to mitigate your food cravings? I am sure you won’t have to think too much about it. Because it is prevalent nowadays to get your food at your doorstep on a fingertip.

In fact, food delivery apps are ruling mobile phones of top foodies. Not only customers but it’s a great way to earn more for sellers as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top food delivery startups that became an overnight success in the urban areas of the cities.

Food Panda (Android & iOS)

Food Panda is yet another food delivery app working in different countries (nearly 43 countries)to proffer their customers’ online food delivery.

Food panda has its headquarter in Berlin, Germany, which was started in 2012. The company has collaborated with approximately 40,000 local restaurants in different cities.

The reason behind the unstoppable growth of this firm is its huge database of restaurants from various cities. The app has various payment modes namely credit, debit, & cash on delivery.

Deliveroo (Android & iOS)

Deliveroo is a London-based food delivery startup working across 200 cities. Being one of the most popular food delivery apps it allows customers to order food online. The start-up model has a commission based system for the restaurant outlets that don’t have set up for a delivery system.

In addition, the quick food delivery options and the coupon deals engage customers who wish to get the best facility. The app is widespread due to the higher number of customers & higher restaurant choices available throughout the world.

DoorDash (Android & iOS)

Doordash is another popular food delivery app that supports over 300 cities. It operates in some of the most popular cities of Canada & USA such as; Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, etc.

Apart from the quality of the food, DoorDash focuses more on customer satisfaction assuring on-time delivery. This app has features like “DoorDash Delight” that has a scoring system based on the quality of food or popularity of restaurants.

Postmates (Android & iOS)

This food delivery app is unique among all other apps. Postmates not only delivers Food but it also delivers Alcohol, a laptop, clothing from the mall, dry cleaning, & groceries.

When you place your order, the food valet who works for Postmates gets the notification and heads for the restaurant to pick up the order.

You can get delivery from the places that don’t deliver. That means it has its separate courier service system.

Just Eat (Android)

Just Eat was launched in 2001 in Europe. Its basically search app for all the local restaurants that deliver food. This company covers more than 80,000 restaurants and profits from charging a commission fee.

Just Eat had 11M of active user in 2017. The app has the same features as Foodpanda. The users can sort the menu as per their food choices and pay either via card or cash on delivery.

GrubHub (Android & iOS)

GrubHub was released in 2004, that allowed it to build a relationship with other restaurants at early stages. As a result, it has a widespread list of more than 300, 000 restaurants in more than 800 U.S Urban communities.

The company manages all the orders 24/7 through customer service teams.

Grub Hub is one of the leading food delivery apps in Orange County California. It offers an option to search for your desired food or let you browse through the list of local restaurants. In addition, if you want to save the order for the future than you have that option as well. The filters of the grub hub allow you to filer as per working hours, customer feedback, coupons, discounts, and so on.

Swiggy (Android & iOS)

Swiggy is the top rated food ordering mobile app, started from Bengaluru, India. It is India’s no.1 food delivery app having 10,000,000+ downloads in the Play Store.

The company has established its chain in India’s top 8 cities. The app lets user order food from their nearby restaurants so that the food can be delivered as fast as possible.

Additionally, customers can even track their order from their phone and can know exactly when it will reach.


To conclude, the market for the online food delivery app is so lucrative. If you are looking for a start-up idea then it is the best option to invest. The current market is dominated by the urban areas, but targeting rural areas for food delivery app can be a great money spinner.

So, these were the top food delivery apps. What are your views about these apps? Comments are welcome.


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