Software Testing Goals You Need To Know

Software-TestingSoftware testing means so many different things based on who does the work and where it will be done in the development stages. Administrators, consultants, programmers and users will always have something different in mind when talking about software testing. In order to shed the light on this process, let us think about the goals that should exist. This will help you to make the best choice at the end of the day and you will understand why this is so important.


Just as Bugfinders will tell you, software testing's main goal is verification. This is the goal that many do not see as primary, although it is. The main goal is not to find defects. Any person can find defects. Testing stands out as a quality control measure that is used in order to make sure that a particular product works as it was designed to. Through software testing you will get a status report that talks about the product while compared with requirements.

Product quality verification is what counts the most at the end of the day. Software testing teams need to properly assess whether or not a product delivers the quality it should deliver. It tells the developer whether or not a software program is ready for launch.


There are many environments in which activity proofs are necessary as part of the certification effort. It is also necessary in order to eliminate a duplicate testing effort in the future. Software testing will keep test plans clear at all times so that they are easy to understand and reread.

It is important that team members know everything about the documentation methods that are used. Every single feature requires different documentation and we have various methods that can be utilized. Commonly agreed principles are not set but traceability is vital during software development.

Priority Coverage

You cannot test everything, sometimes due to time problems. Testing has to assign efforts in a reasonable way and prioritize everything. In most cases you have to be sure all features are properly covered with at least 1 valid case. Software testing teams will make sure that priorities are covered first with secondary items being considered as being secondary.

Unbiased Testing

Software testers have to be sure that everything that is done is unbiased. User expectations, real-world technical limitations and written requirements are always balanced, no matter what development process was used. Testers have to be sure that they consider requirements when they test anything. Testers should also realize that they are not currently users. They are a member of developmental teams.


The goals mentioned above are always respected by software testing crews. It is vital that you only consider working with those professionals that have a lot of experience because they properly understand the goals that have to be kept in the back of the mind of every single tester involved. Make sure that experience is as high as it can be since that is what will help you to choose the best team at the end of the day.

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