Mysimpleshow review: Using Explainer Videos to Improve Your Business

fwqfTimes are changing, and the way people create, learn, or share information has changed too. We’ve moved from checking out library books on a daily basis to the Google generation, where the search bar provides instant gratification nearly every time. However, the most popular medium has changed from text to video – and mysimpleshow is the perfect tool to help with video creation, learning and sharing information, and teaching others.

Creating videos is beneficial for all, especially businesses – there’s a variety of ways that videos can be used to improve any business internally and externally. Luckily, mysimpleshow is quick and simple enough for anyone to use.

Mysimpleshow is an online tool where users can create their own explainer videos on any subject. The tool’s 4-step guided process makes the process simple. It first guides users on writing a voiceover text using provided storyline templates, or importing relevant text from a PowerPoint file. There’s even a professional category to make things easy for companies.


Mysimpleshow then visualizes the story automatically by suggesting visuals that are generated by the site. Users can upload their own images, like company logos.


Lastly, the video is completed with a voiceover of your written text. Mysimpleshow makes the magic happen, and your self-made, professional quality video is done in minutes!

How exactly can you use simpleshows to enhance your business? We have a few ideas for you!

wefrwfVariation of Content

Use videos to expand your business’s content mediums and get better results. Having text, images, infographics, charts and graphs, and videos is guaranteed to keep the audience engaged and interested. They’ll also remember more information presented in videos rather than just text!

Corporate Learning and Training

I’d argue that many of us have seen some boring corporate training videos, and even further, documents that are so bland they are hard to read and comprehend. Using a mysimpleshow makes corporate learning and training fun, aesthetically pleasing, and memorable. They can be quickly and easily edited in mysimpleshow, reflecting any organizational changes and creating a hassle-free communication process.

wefrf2Internal Communication

Personalizing an employee-manager pow-wow or sending a simpleshow video praising a co-worker is a thoughtful and impressive method of internal communication. Send your next calendar invite for a work-related event with a video and include a character with a co-worker’s name, or sum up how well an employee performed in any given month with a video. They’ll love it!

Marketing Tools

There are infinite ways regarding how and why to use video and mysimpleshow for marketing purposes for your business. Send them to customers to explain a new product, explain your business to an investor or new target group, or explain your latest product updates. Communicate your vision and mission, add video to your blog to optimize search results and page engagement, and reach a larger audience in general by having videos on video hosting sites like YouTube. Use mysimpleshow to enhance ad campaigns, and even invite your customers or coworkers to the next company event.

Creative Workplace Activities

Creating and having fun together at work is essential for enjoyable company culture and a great group of people working towards the same vision. Use mysimpleshow to create fun and interesting videos at work with your team, or have video competitions: see who can create the best one. Time to get creative!

Landing Pages

Improving your business or product’s landing page performance is simple with video – here’s a few reasons why. Positioning the video correctly, having the perfect thumbnail and video length, and explaining things well can improve SEO and keyword matching and further engage the viewer.

In short, video is pretty much guaranteed to improve your business, and with mysimpleshow, you can curate the content you want quickly and easily. Start using videos and see how your business improves!

If you have any questions, please ask below!