How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files on Android Using Wondershare Dr. Fone Software

nhhhAccidentally wiping off precious data from your Android device is most of the time tantamount to the end of the world in case you have no backups available. For such reason, software manufacturers come up with ingenious and wonderful solutions to save you up. In this article, we are going to discuss Dr. Fone for Android, a great software by Wondershare.

What is Dr. Fone?

It is well-known that Android devices don’t support the magic-wand function called “Recycle Bin” available on Windows and other operating systems.

Built for both Android and iOS users, Dr. Fone is one of the best software that helps you recover lost or deleted data from your phone or tablet. It can bring back from the death a wide range of information, worth mentioning text messages, pictures, vCards, documents, audio and video files, and any other simple, yet special things you may have stored on your device.

In the following rows, we will focus on the Dr. Fone for Android.

What are the main functions of Dr. Fone for Android?

Dr. Fone for Android supports a wide range of hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Nexus, and more.

The main functions are:

1. Offers various recovery options so the users can select the most appropriate according to their needs.

2. Possibility to recover call history and deleted contacts and export them as CSV, vCard or HTML.

3. Possibility to recover deleted text and WhatsApp messages and export them in XML or HTML formats.

4. Possibility to recover media files such as music, videos, and playlists.

5. Allows previewing the recoverable data before proceeding with the recovery.

6. Preserves the original data on your device during scanning and recovery with no damage or modifications being made to the original files.

7. Wondershare, the software manufacturer, is committed to respecting the highest privacy standards; no personal data or information will be shared with third parties during scanning or recovery processes.

How to recuperate data using Dr. Fone for Android?

1. Make sure the USB Debugging is set ON for your device.

2. Install the software on your computer. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android is available for PC and Mac users.

3. Connect your device to the computer using the original USB cable provided by your phone or tablet manufacturer.

4. Once the software recognises your device, start the scanning process.

5. You can wait for the scanning process to complete or stop it at any moment if you find the file you want to recover in the preview window. The files will appear under multiple categories such as Messaging, WhatsApp, Audio, Video or Documents.

6. Tick the file or the files you need and click “Recover”.

In conclusion, this software by Wondershare is a great addition to recovering lost files, be it for personal or business purposes. Give it a try today!

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