Mobile Apps Accelerate Business Growth in a Variety of Ways so Adapt an App

Statistics speak for mobile apps. The market for apps will be worth USD 55 billion by 2020 according to research studies, growing at a rate of over 16% annually. UN studies show that six of seven billion people own mobiles and of them about 60 to 70% own smart phones. No time like the present for companies to have a strong app presence!

In fact, according to some pundits, most companies are now shifting to the app model of business and interaction. An app can be built to be compact and purpose specific, delivering a better user experience as well as leading to engagement. Compare this to a website with tricky to navigate structure and time-consuming feedback process. Apps rule and accelerate business growth in a variety of ways.

Geo-fencing, beacon

Apps can be designed with geo-fencing functionality to let companies push specific messages to targets. Such messages will remain on top. Geo-fencing and beacon allow companies to push location-based marketing with higher chances of success leading to growth and revenues. Apps with these features can achieve what browsers simply cannot.

Apps are persistent and engaging

A user browsing the net might leave a page and never go back. Apps remain on the device and engage users. Studies show people spend an average of one hour each day using apps. This also means that users want a high amount of focused functionality and do not wish to waste time on features that are of no use. Feature focused apps hold attention of users, create a better brand image and create traffic to websites or lead to purchases. A happy user experience leads to positive brand image too.

Apps get more customers globally

Deploy an app and you reach prospective customers across the world 24×7. In comparison to an online retail store, an app locks in a customer and gets him to focus his attention exclusively on your product. Mobile users with a lot to do and less time to spare appreciate functionality of an app that lets them use their fingers to order and make payment. Your app is alive and working 24x7x365, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Simple way to enhance traffic to website

You could implement a number of expensive and time-consuming SEO strategies to get traffic. An app does that quite easily and with less effort. Simply push promotions with links to your website to a user's app and he will notice it. Importantly, he will respond if the message is worded perfectly.

Build a good app, build a better brand image

If you engage a competent developer in designing apps that users appreciate, you create a better impression of your brand. You build loyalty through the app.

Brand image along with customer service

Customer expectations about services and response times are rising by the day. If you build apps and desire a stronger brand image then lightning fast responses are a must. With apps this is possible since you include a button for feedback and can respond via the app itself. Better response equals better satisfaction and leads to repeat orders as well as recommendations. Apps are also useful in that they allow you to capture user data and behaviors you can use to generate reports to develop still better products.

If companies are going down the app highway it is no surprise since it leads to the Mecca of success and growth. Hire an app developer and get into top gear.

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