How AI has Refurbished Mobile App Development

Every business strives for success today! The zeal for success is in attaining users, transactions, profit, growth, creativity, retention etc. The list goes on and on. Be it any industry, varying from travel, utility, machinery, telecom, or advertisement industry, all look for immense transformation.

Holding its own trophy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two such technologies that have created a huge impact on human interaction with machines and devices. Since the era is of Smartphone, AI & ML have evolved the way of user experience in an impressive way.

Almost all the mobile app development companies are integrating AI & ML in various apps. The best part is that Android developers and iOS developers are aware of the advantages and totally pushing to incorporate AI and ML in various apps. The need is very fair and simple – retain the old users while providing them with new benefits of the app. To sustain and thrive in the market, one needs to be creative, prompt and be available at the right time. Hence, it becomes important for app developers to simplify the purpose of the app for users with AI & ML advancement.

Fact Alert!

a) Gartner Report

Gartner estimates that 6 billion connected “devices” for instance connected appliances, cars, hand wearables, and smart devices will need AI support by 2018.

b) Study by Mckinsey

As per the study conducted by Mckinsey Global Institute, few tech giants such as Baidu and Google spent around $20 billion to $30 billion on AI, in the year 2016.

c) Talking about the expansion of AI in development, the year 2017 received 3 times more investment in the field of AI when compared to 2016. The total investment was counted about $40 billion which proved to be the real worth and power of AI.

There is no doubt that smartphones are dominating the world right now. And alongside, mobile apps are pacing their reach amongst users widely. The latest vogue of AI in mobile apps urges iPhone or Android Development Companies is taking one step closer to satisfy the need of customers. Let’s understand how AI incorporation has refurbished mobile app development and transformed the way we look at smartphones today.

1) Search Optimization

AI empowers users to optimize their search related to anything not just by text mode, but by voice, images, location etc. User prefers to stay connected to apps that provide them with relevant information without any hassle. And AI enablement in mobile app provides users with quick, focused and contextual information in form of image recognition system and voice recognition system.

2) Improved Security

AI & ML enables smartphones with face detection and fingerprint access to unlock the app. This has eventually raised the bar of security and eradicated any fraud or data leakage from the smartphone apps. With such advancement for security, users from all fields like logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce, business intelligence etc, have started to trust app more for their data protection. Few examples of an app that install such security features: Zoom Login, BioID etc.

3) Personalized Experience

It has become important to provide a personalized experience to users. By reading the patterns of users last behaviours on the app, AI helps users to finish their task on the app easily and efficiently. Many businesses leverage the data collecting via various sources like point-of-sale machines, online traffic, mobile devices, etc. to further use it in their app to provide a personalized experience.

For instance – Starbucks AI-powered mobile app “My Starbucks Barista” enables users to tell the app what they need and then the app places the order for them.

4) Eradicate Language Barrier

Why limit to one country, one religion, one language when AI enabled the app to allow users to communicate in their native language. There are many AI enables translation apps available which allow users to convert the text on an image in one language into another language. With the integration of AI and ML on the Smartphone, the user is capable to translate different languages in real-time without any need for the internet connection. If you are willing to launch your mobile app for global consumer, then make sure your Android or iPhone app development company utilizes the benefit of AI in your app.

5) Internet of Things(IoT) with AI

IOT has acted as a streamlined technology that connects various devices with smartphone apps. Such smart technology when combined with AI lets your device communicate with each other but with a lift of advancement.

AI technology collects all the real-time data and processes that data for the device to learn to function on their own. AI and ML enable mobile development companies or developers to learn and execute information exchanged among various devices and then take all the necessary action.

Source: OrionInfo Solutions


To retain a user on an app, digital uplift is the only solution. The talk of the town is providing an instant solution on a real-time basis with whatever basic grounds that have been shared by the user. AI has gradually placed its impact over the users and acts as a supporter of making quick decisions.

AI is currently incorporated in various lines of businesses as mobile apps to gain an added advantage against their competitors. It has proven to be a win-win situation in gaining both tractions and user engagement. Looks like, AI will continue to penetrate deep in our daily lives through mobile apps.

The market has seen an overwhelming growth and the popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning across different fields of businesses. The big giants are playing big with AI in the market and small companies have now realized AI’s potential.

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