10 Programming Languages You Need To Understand To Design An App

So, finally you have planned to develop an app, isn’t it? If yes, you must get started to transform your ideas into reality and build a fully functional app with cutting-edge features. Your journey for app development begins when you have to choose right programming language to create a device-compatible app for varied platforms. Knowing that the majority of applications are unsuccessful due to the accessibility lag, you cannot ignore the significance of creating a compelling mobile app design for cross-platforms.

Even if you have technical expertise in mobile app designing & development, you must learn coding based on the most popular programming languages in order to step into the development phase. Either you want to create an Android version of mobile app design or iOS one, it is necessary to understand few must-known programming languages used for mobile app design & development.

Before starting the app designing process, ask these questions to yourself so that you can make efforts in the right way:

  • Which programming language will be more favorable & why?
  • From where I can learn the desired programming language?
  • How can I test my basic knowledge in the chosen language?
  • Once attaining expertise in specific language where do I start typing the codes?

If you are able to answer the above questions, you can definitely think to carry on with the designing process. Now, what’s up for the next? Obviously, you must be intending to create a feature-rich & responsive mobile app design for all screens but need to decide either your app will be for Android, iOS or for the web. Here we have categorized 10 most used programming languages that you can consider while customizing a mobile app design for all major platforms:

1. Java

Java is a major programming language used by the most popular Android app developers. In other words, Java is the best option if you want to create an Android version of your mobile app design. Google supports Java and almost every app in Play store is based on this programming language. You can develop Android app using Java as it:

  • Can be used across all platforms
  • Offers easier integration due to API support
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Allows flexible software updates & coding
  • Enables faster development with error-free coding
  • Comprises a large number of open source libraries

Being known as an object oriented programming language, most of the developers are fond of using Java to deliver compelling mobile app designs.

2. BuildFire.js

You must use BuildFire.js to code your mobile app design quickly. With BuildFire.js, developers are free to use any client-side Javascript frameworks as it is developed for:

  • Quick and accurate coding
  • Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use
  • Minimal development time

3. C/C++

C++ is one of the best programming language specified for Android app designing. Being an extension of C, C++ is an object oriented language which is quite advanced & comprehensive than C. Developers enjoy using C/C++ because it is:

  • Easy-to-use and read
  • Goes well with graphics & designs
  • Favorable to develop & update OS
  • Contains tools for enterprises
  • Specified to create 3D games
  • Portable, fast, & highly efficient

4. C#

Microsoft introduced C# as an object-oriented update of C/C++ and it is also known as C sharp. If you have learned C# then you can create mobile app designs not only for Android but for web and gaming purposes. C++ is widely used because:

  • Simple to learn and use
  • Quick & easier app development
  • Highly scalable
  • Good for Android as well as web app designing
  • Supports Xamarin, an Android & iOS app building tool

5. Kotlin

Kotlin is another advanced programming language to be considered for Android app development. Just like Java, Kotlin supports and runs on Java Virtual Machine. Using Kotlin for creating mobile app designs is a good ideas because of its:

  • Interoperablility with Java
  • Straightforward & flexible system
  • Nullifies errors & complexities
  • Useful for beginners

6. Python

You might be using the most popular web & mobile apps that are based on Phython such as Instagram, Quora, YouTube, Spotify, Reddit, Calibre, & more. So, you need to learn this high-level programming app design to customize your mobile app design. Know its interesting features:

  • Basics are easy-to-learn & use
  • Compatible with GUI apps
  • Purely object-oriented
  • Supports Mac, Unix, Linux, Windows
  • Highly interactive & scalable

7. PHP

Known as server-side programming language, PHP is generally used by many mobile app developers. Launched by Zend Technologies in 1995, PHP is used not only for website development but also for building iOS and Android apps. Apart from being an open-source language, PHP is platform-independent, easy-to-read, sever-oriented, flexible for database integration.

8. Objective-C

While writing codes for iOS apps, Objective-C goes well for faster and easier app development. Objective-C is a primarily used among the popular programming languages and also an upgraded version of C. The best thing is that it’s compatible with Apple Inc. and you can utilize it easily with C++ & C.

9. HTML5

HTML5 is another updated version of HTML programming language. You need to combine HTML5 with JavaScript or other language if you want to create a web-based app for smartphones. Also, HTML5 can be used to build Android and iOS apps.

You can easily find numerous web apps based on HTML5 language. Interestingly, the most used Google Docs & Google Drive have also been coded in HTML5. Seamless coding of HTML5 offers responsiveness, scalability, multi-browser support, along with drag & drop feature.

10. Swift

With ever-increasing number of Swift developers, it is quite easy to predict that Swift is a next generation programming language to code a mobile app design. Released by Apple Inc. in 2014s, Swift is used for iOS app development.

Being a top-rated programming language, you can use Swift to create an intuitive mobile app design for iOS devices. Furthermore, it’s true that Swift is an advanced yet simplified version of Objective-C that is easy-to-code and read.

Final Words

Now, you can finalize your choice for using the most preferred & flexible programming language for Android, iOS, & web-fronted app development. Just consider the above-mentioned programming language sif you want to code awesome mobile app design without facing any hurdle & complexity.

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