Mobile App’s Success in 6 Steps

office-notes-notepad-entrepreneur-38556According to statistics 90% of all recently downloaded mobile applications are used no more than for several minutes. Users delete them because of a low rate of necessity or unfriendly interface. Just for the record, mobile use keeps growing at a breathless tempo. It would seem 58% of new potential apps buyers annually. However, the usage of applications equals only 10%. Do you want your mobile app to be included in the 10%? The bottom line is the apps market is full of unnecessary products. As not to add your creation into the list of unsuccessful projects follow our pieces of advice.

  1. Comfortable and Pleasant Interface

Your app is doomed to failure if it has a complicated menu. In such a case simplicity means success. Those applications that are structured easily attract more attention as it saves users’ time and efforts. The first thing that comes in sight is the download number. The right look of your software immediately catches people’s eyes. It results in gaining a great number of fans whose comments will promote your product instead of you.

  1. The More you Encourage the More you Get

Show that you care about the customers in order to become influential all over the market. The system of rewards to people who share your product with other users will definitely have a positive outcome. Bring your friend and get more points lures people to give it a try! For example, if a user campaigned for your product and attracted fifty friends he is rewarded with a cup and an autograph of the developer.

  1. Discounts Bring more Money

If there is a discount system in your app you can easily get any client hooked. Instead of paying more offer him to pay less with the help of your software. Clients will come back again and again once you have used the strategy of discounts. It is a token of management care to loyal customers. Big companies even set up financial departments which are responsible for money reduction scheme. People pay less but the company earn a lot.

  1. Great Accolades Mean Reliability

Your achievements form your reputation. Show your results to the best advantage in order to be conspicuous among others. At first concentrate on gaining people’s approval. When a guy says: “This app is really cool, I haven’t encountered a better one.” It means you are on the right track. Then a chain reaction comes into effect. Users will start recommending your creation to their friends overseas etc. That is the way how to become internationally popular.

  1. Software Pluralism or Gamification

It is a method of complete app adaptation to clients’ needs. The simplest example is to change the color spectrum or icons placing to your client’s preferences. Such functions seem to be easy but you should not underestimate its role. Gamification empowers your client. It is a slight psychological trick for which you need not work much. However, you realize its importance at the sight of an annual revenue.

  1. There is no Bad Advertisement

One more marketing trick is a promotional campaign. The strategy of promotion lies in

  • presenting your app in social media and all specialized forums;
  • making promo videos;
  • supplying users with free trial version;
  • ordering services at famous web-sites;
  • hiring a famous person to promote it.

If you keep to the tips you will surely attract customers with your mobile app. None of the most internationally recognized applications has ever neglected the above-mentioned strategy. Now it is your turn to materialize your idea into successful reality thanks to the article.


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