Are you using these Customers Service Apps for Business Growth

As you think of customer services, nothing comes around as extraordinary as Zappos, which is the online shoe giant prominent for its company culture and its renowned consumer support methods. As per its CEO, Tony Hsieh's philosophy, "Branding through customer service over the years, the number one driver of our growth at Zappos has been repeat customers and word of mouth. Our philosophy has been to take most of the money we would have spent on paid advertising and invest it in customer service and the customer experience instead, letting our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth."

Needless to say it's the customers that drive your business and if you fail to serve them well, then the operations are certain to be affected. Thus it's crucial to execute tools allowing you to ensure that your customers are inclined to flawless fashion and this way your business keeps on growing. We have come up with five brilliant customer service apps which are to be regarded as your business' life-saving software.

mobile apps


This cloud-based customer service support platform is amazingly easy to use and is greatly prominent among businesses of all sizes. There are more than 40,00- clients spread around the world who are using Zendesk, the company offering loads of customizable features, comprising of an option to construct your own Zendesk app.

This service offers support tools like chat and SMS integration, which promotes customers by offering customized articles which allows them reduce repeat questions, keeping the count of question low. Furthermore, customer service efforts are easily monitored and enhanced via a net promoter score survey placed at the bottom of customer communications.

Help Scout

Again a cloud-based service, Help Scout mainly focuses on e-mails and conversations. The Gmail-like interface presents a sense of familiarity as well as managing e-mails. Help Scout is useful in allowing users to employ as many inboxes as required for customer support, with each having separate addresses. This helps in refining organizational details with numerous folders and categories on the basis of rules set in place. It offers myriad useful features such as real-time reporting, automated responses, an integrated knowledge base for articles and tutorials, and much more.

Desk is developed by Salesforce, and it presents everything from e-mails to phone calls, social media and a lot more. This is a multi-channel service enabling numerous tickets which can be opened and you can work on them at the same time. This works best when you have minimal tickets. Like the ones already using Salesforce, Desk offers them CRM data next to the tickets, along with authority to log any support issues from the individual's profile in the CRM, this way a full contact log can be kept.

Meanwhile, the dashboard that Desk offers, allows users a complete overview of customer service operations, which are helpful in identifying areas which require enhancement. Furthermore, when you work on those areas and when the company starts to expand, Desk can scale up to put up as many customer service representatives as required. This works as good for business growth.


Used by more than 160,000 different brands, UserVoice brings together customer support along with project management features along with a forum, thus feedback is leverage in order to enhance customer service abilities. Customers are capable of offering business ideas via public or private messages that responds to from a single dashboard. However, it's just not the customers, offering tips on improvement as UserVoice offers customer satisfaction ratings from the past 30 days while also providing advice on how to raise the fulfillment levels.


Often customer support comes around as monotonous, as who would enjoy handling fuming e-mails with cookie-cutter responses. However, Freshdesk is a refreshing change as it totally removes the issues with this customer service application serving employees just like customers with gamification features. With the help of Freshdesk Arcade, employees get incentivized through a points system based on fast resolutions, service levels, customer satisfaction ratings and more. You also get a variety of customizable features.

This way it's clear that customer service is primarily for any business or else the business will never flourish. Thus, ensure that you put customer service at the forefront of your operations.


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