Latest Trends for Android and iOS Application Development in 2018

App development is not an easy game today. With tremendous of diversifying apps, it is more than important to come up with an app that gets noticed. Apart from getting noticed, the app should be appreciated by the users as well. Therefore, the apps developed should be of the recent trends available in the market. Monotonous apps are the first ones to get ruled out of the industry or being replaced by the competitor’s apps.

Whether you are developing an iOS app or an Android app, making it a trendy one is now a must. A trendy app not only will catch the user’s attention but will also help the developer to be ahead of the competition. If you too are looking for giving your app the needed hike with the emerging trends in the year 2018, then here is the list that you can try.

The following are the trends that can be used for highlighting the Android and iOS apps in the year 2018:

  1. Augmented reality:

2017 has been a year that marked the beginning of augmented reality in the mobile apps. It has been suggested by many experts that augmented reality is the next big thing that the app development industries will encourage. The sources of Digi-Capital have revealed that by the ear 2020, the industry of augmented reality will be of a total worth of 150 billion. This report has invoked many app development companies to get started with the app development with the augmented reality. Most of the app developers are also viewing the involvement of augmented reality as a secured way for developing user-friendly and more creative apps.

  1. IoT:

Internet of Things, today needs no introduction. It is the technology that has helped us to come closer to our own world. IoT makes use of the sensor technology for connecting the various devices in a compact manner so as to enable the controlling, automation and analysis of the devices. 2017 began majorly with the advanced use of IoT. However, being new to the industry many industries had difficulties for using it. But as the marketing world got familiar with the real and implemented concept of the technology, it again began to expand.

As IoT is on a boom, many app developers are looking for ways to successfully implement the technology in the mobile apps. Data syndication is absolutely based on the various mobile connected IoT devices and is working quite successfully and conveniently. Thus, the year 2018 is expected to come with lots of mobile applications making use of IoT.

  1. Cloud computing:

Who would have imagined that the concept of cloud computing will reach such a height? With the inception of the concept, many app developers instantly clicked with the technology and started working on it for coming with advanced apps. The major reason why cloud computing became such a hit amongst the various available technology was the fact that it was supported by a number of benefits along with it.

The apps which are developed using cloud computing delivers better reliability, protection, speed, and performance. It has become easier for the apps to store and transfer the heavy size data along with processing heavier task on the devices. With a secured hand on data collection, analysis and storage, the mobile apps and mobile devices can communicate in a much better way and thus ensures maximum security to the users.

  1. Artificial intelligence:

There has been a big debate on the involvement of artificial technology in the development of mobile apps. Many app developers were not in favor of using this technology for the development of mobile apps as they fear that it might complicate the performance of the mobile apps. But with time, as soon as this technology was introduced in the mobile apps, the results confirmed the fact that artificial intelligence is the right choice for the mobile application development company.

Artificial intelligence came with many amazing features that enhanced the performance of the mobile applications. From supporting the recommendation engines, behavioral targeting to providing a personalized experience to the users; artificial intelligence became a hit instantly. Later, artificial intelligence was also used for developing Chatbots for further empowering human interactions. 2018 will be a year that will make more use of artificial intelligence for improving the Chatbots and app’s performance.

  1. Wearable apps:

2017 also made headlines for the introduction of wearable apps. The various connected wearable devices transformed the technical market altogether. Users fought wearable apps to be more useful for accessing and managing their data. The wearable devices can easily be used without involving any further complications. Although many versions of the wearable apps have been introduced in the market, still 2018 will be acting in the advancement of such apps for delivering a better user-experience and interactions.

Wearable apps have already knocked at the doors of app development. There are many app development companies who have already started taking these feature too seriously and thus are trying to come up with the advanced app using this feature. The response that the wearable devices available presently have got is another reason that has encouraged the app development industry to come up with something advance and unique with this feature. Let us wait and watch how the year 2018 will make the most of this feature to impress its users.

  1. Instant apps:

The introduction of instant apps has completely taken over the app industry and has helped the app industry to attract more users. The instant apps are based on the technique that the users can use and access the app before actually downloading the app. This helps the user to actually understand if the app is useful for them or not. They later can download the app once being sure of the accessibility and storage space on the device.

Buzzfeed, Periscope, Viki, etc. are some of the examples of such instant apps that were introduced to the market. 2018 will mark the addition of many such names in the app development industry. 2018 will be the year that will be dedicated to the development of more such instant apps for understanding and considering the preferences and likings of the users. This will help the app industry to be more productive in terms of developing performance oriented apps.

  1. Swift 4 apps:

Swift has been one of the greatest benefits that iOS platform has ever witnessed. This well-known programming language has seen a lot of improvement in the recent time when more app developers realized the worth of this potential programming language. It has been predicted by the app industry experts that app developed with the help of Swift programming language will be more robust and scalable.

Swift 4 with the power and strengths of its previous version including the advanced features of its own makes the perfect platform for coming up with excellent apps in the year 2018. The apps developed using Swift 4 programming language will execute faster as they will consume less memory of the device. These apps will be more secure by using the advanced features which are enabled in Swift 4 programming language.

  1. Apps with core machine learning:

The idea of using core machine learning helped Apple to present and reframe some of its best features like camera, QuickType and very popular Siri. 2017 helped iOS platform to produce these features in the most convenient manner to the users. The users also hand to hand accepted the features and demanded more features like these or improved versions of these features. Well, app developers have seriously taken the demand and request of their users and now are working on the better integration of the feature of core machine learning in their future apps.

With core machine learning feature, apps will be made more advanced for detecting faces, developing artificial games and in the field of natural language processing. The implementation of this feature in the apps will transform the traditional working of the apps and will implement more secure, faster and reliable apps. Thus, 2018 is seen to be fully dedicated to the development and implementation of this feature in the app development.


App development has always been in trends by adopting all the right ways. There might be some of the experiments that were not gradually accepted by the app industry and by the users but slowly and steadily those app development trends made their part in the industry.

With so many interesting and innovative app development trends lined up for the year t2018, it won’t be wrong to say that this year will be a blast for the users as well as the app development industry. What are your opinions about this? Do you think these app development trends will really make up the year 2018 amazing for the app development? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

Source: Xtreem Solution Blog

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