KeepVid Pro Video Downloader – Features and Capabilities

Videos have become the primary source of viewing content on the Internet these days. If we look at the stats, a staggering number of people are always hooked on to watching some or the other video. However, most of the people watch videos on the internet and they don’t necessarily have an internet connection throughout the time wherever they go. A good video downloader can solve the problem and KeepVid Pro does exactly that.


Why KeepVid Pro?

At times, you need videos on your phone that you can see anytime anywhere. For this purpose, a video downloader is must and KeepVid Pro will provide you the features that you will just love. Although the pro version of the software comes with hordes of features, you can also download KeepVid which lets you download videos from YouTube offline for free. It is used by many to save their favorite YouTube videos and watch them later at convenience. The pro version is premium software for all video downloading needs.

Features of KeepVid Pro

You will find so many features that are useful as well as handy in the KeepVid Pro video downloader. Let’s see some of the most interesting ones below:

Download videos from 10,000+ sites

10,000 sites is a huge number and it almost covers all the sites that publish native videos. For those who are enthusiastic to download free video will find this extremely interesting. All the famous online video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook are already included in the list and it is growing daily. This gives you the freedom to download videos from anywhere you like on the internet. You also get a good amount of websites to choose from, there is hardly any site which won’t let you download videos via KeepVid Pro.


Download a full playlist or channel in a click

At times, you would want to download a whole playlist or a complete channel that you like. If you use other video downloaders, you would have to download one by one which would be extremely tiring. With KeepVid Pro, you can batch download a complete playlist or a channel just with a single click. Not only this, but you would get high speeds too so all of a channel or playlist’s video can be downloaded in no time.

Convert videos to 150+ formats

There is no point in downloading videos if you don’t have the ability to convert them into the format you want. KeepVid Pro is also an exceptional video converter which lets you convert any video into 150+ different formats. Sometimes, iOS may support a particular format and Android may support something different, so you can change the video to any format you like. This also ensures that all kinds of multimedia devices will be able to play videos that you download through KeepVid Pro. With this feature, you can also convert video to audio which is useful for many purposes.


Record any screen or video

The software also works as a great screen recorder so if you want to create tutorials or walkthroughs, you can do so without much effort. It will record the current screen in any resolution you want and you can create a good video out of it. Moreover, you can also use it as a video recorder since it can record any video online. This is convenient if you don’t want to download the video and simply record it to capture only what you want. It is also a video extractor which means you can extract audio from a particular video.


Faster than others

Speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to downloading videos online. You will be stunned to know that KeepVid Pro provides up to 3x faster speeds when compared to other softwares. This is great for those who download many videos in bulk, it will provide you better speeds and lead to quicker downloads. No one likes to wait for a long duration just to get their videos downloaded and KeepVid Pro doesn’t let this happen.

Download HD and 4k videos

The world has moved on to better quality videos and you should definitely be able to download them. KeepVid Pro lets you download high definition and even 4k videos from YouTube. It is one of the the best free online YouTube downloader. More than that, you can also download 3D videos with the help of this software, nothing could be better than this. KeepVid Pro lets you download all kind of videos one can avail with unmatching speeds. The same quality would be maintained even after the download.

Built in video player

When you download so many videos through the software you would also need a video player and KeepVid Pro ensures that. You get a built in video player that is capable of playing videos of all the formats that the software supports. No matter if you have an additional video player or not, you get a complete package when you buy KeepVid Pro. Download or record videos and then stream it directly through the video player that comes with the software.


Transfer videos without USB

Most of us choose to watch videos on our phones since we can take it anywhere and conveniently watch whenever we want. Thus, KeepVid Pro ensures that you can transfer all the videos to your phone without a USB, completely wirelessly. Now move your videos to your phone and watch them whenever you please. This is a great feature in the software which comes handy when you don’t have a USB cable with you.


This is by far a great video converter which lets you convert YouTube videos to mp4 and allows you to do so much more. The features are exceptionally well and you would love to use it on a daily basis. So, if you want to download videos from thousands of sites online, download KeepVid Pro and enjoy a stream of videos.

If you have any questions, please ask below!