How to Make a Progressive Web App from Your Existing Website

A website is useful for a business to reach new customers and offer better services. But, it has many downsides, such as slow loading speed, high maintenance costs, limited mobile experience, improper navigation, lack of user-friendly features, etc.

Therefore, you need a better alternative to your website to provide the same services with a higher level of user experience. A PWA is a reliable substitute for your website. It has various benefits, such as fast-loading speed, enhanced user experience, app-like features, lower maintenance costs, and much more. Also, these are much identical to a native application that has the functionality of a website.

PWAs have emerged as life saviors from the perspective of a business. For example, After shifting towards PWA, Opensooq’s engagement increased by 25%, Trivago’s checkout rate increased by 97%, and so many successful examples.

However, if you want to enhance the conversion rate and increase the loading speed of your business website, you can make a PWA from your website. You can partner with a Progressive Web App development company for a robust PWA. Additionally, if you are in the hospitality industry, such ascreating an online hotel reservation system, implementing a PWA can greatly improve the user experience and make it easier for customers to book accommodations seamlessly.

This blog guides you through the process of transforming your website into a Progressive Web App.

You can create a PWA from your website in two ways:

  • Create on your own
  • By Hiring a Development Company

Create On Your Own

If you have technical understanding, you can make a PWA on your own. Below are the required steps to be followed on the path of developing a PWA from your site:

Website Security

You must have an active HTTPS protocol integrated into your website. It is because PWAs are fully secured as they work with the HTTPS protocols.

To transform your website into a Progressive Web App, make sure that your website has an active SSL certificate that showcases it is safe to proceed.

Manifest File

It is a JavaScript JSON text file that contains the code of all the essential information of your PWA. It shows how it will behave when the users on their devices install it.

In order to convert your site into a PWA, you need to create a manifest.json file. PWAs display all the viable properties on the home screen, such as the name, scope, URL structure, icons, orientation, etc.

Service Worker

A service worker works as a middleman between the user and the browser. It is basically a JavaScript code that runs on the root of a PWA so that it becomes easier for it to perform tasks such as push notifications, caching for offline operations, and so on.

In addition to blocking network requests, caching or fetching resources, and pushing messages, service workers serve as a defense against network attacks.

However, the first thing to do is to register your service worker. It indicates your browser’s location and then starts the installation process in the background. Then, you have to generate the files via some coding commands that can easily be found on the internet.

After doing all these steps, you will get a PWA that will work as per your expectations and requirements.

Hire a PWA Development Company

The above are the steps that you can take to transform a website into a PWA. But what if you do not have a technical understanding? The best way is to work with a PWA development company. They can help you build a top-notch PWA with excellent features.

The company will work efficiently on your project requirements with an agile development approach. To deliver well-performing PWA, they work on advanced and innovative frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, and Vue.js.

Also, they can deliver the PWA solutions on time, keeping in mind the deadline and requirements of the project.


With the look and feel of native apps, PWAs are an innovative web development solution. With many benefits, Progressive Web Apps have become the most preferred choice of businesses to grow in the market.

To get better opportunities for your business, you can transform your website into a PWA. But developing it on your own is a very time taking process. It requires a mixture of knowledge, time, and effort to solve your concern; you can hire web developers for a hassle-free development process and create a top-notch PWA.

If you have any questions, please ask below!