KeepVid Android Review – YouTube to MP3 video Downloader for Android

The one feature we miss the most on YouTube website is the ability to download videos from the site. However, an amazing app that does the exact same job and much more has become very popular and is known as KeepVid. It lets you download videos and even convert them to MP3 files for better multimedia usages.The app is trusted by more than 100 million users which is massive and it speaks a lot about how useful the app is. KeepVid is a good video downloader which is available for Android. Let’s see how you can download videos easily through the app along with some of the features that the app comes with.

How to Download Videos from YouTube through KeepVid Android

Downloading videos from YouTube through KeepVid Android is extremely easy. Unlike other downloaders, you also get the option to download it in your preferred format. If you want to download or convert any video from YouTube, simply put the link in the given search bar and you will be shown many options.If you need some songs or podcasts in MP3 format, simply choose the YouTube to MP3 option to get it in audio format. The site also allows you to download high quality videos and even SRT files for subtitles.

Excellent Features of KeepVid Android


The app comes with some top notch features but below is some of the features that make it stand out among others. These features are also the reason why people love the app so much and use it on a frequent basis.

Free Video Download

The major USP of the tool is that it lets you download videos without charging you any extra cost. There are various sites which are supported by KeepVid which include some of the most popular names on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DailySocial, Hotstar, Vimeo and much more. Now you can simply download any video you like from most of the popular sites on Internet including those mentioned above and enjoy it at your own leisure.

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Download YouTube Videos in MP3 format

At times, we all need our favorite video songs on YouTube as MP3 to play them as music. Thus, it requires you to convert these videos into MP3 which was a tedious task back then. Now that you have KeepVid, you can simply put the link and click Download to get it in your preferred format. There are many advantages of converting video to audio and KeepVid ensures that the process of doing so is extremely easy.


Download with Fast Download Speeds

Most of the available downloaders either don’t work in the required manner or are too slow in their process. However, what you need is an exceptional combination of both, to be able to download any video and at a speed that will impress you. It promises you fast download speeds which is much higher than what the other video extractor or downloaders have to offer. Things move way faster than before and we need to evolve with the technology. KeepVid provides blazing speed when it comes to downloading videos from either YouTube or any other supported site of KeepVid.

Download Multiple Videos at once

If you are a binge watcher, it would be very tedious to download one video at a time and wait for the one to finish andthen download again repeatedly. With KeepVid, you can simply download multiple videos at once and have them all together instead of just downloading one at a time. This feature is a great productivity and optimization hack for people who are looking to download multiple videos. It is among the only few batch video downloader available on the internet.

Get HD Quality Videos

The apps or sites that offer a superb speed often lack in the quality of the downloaded videos. However, KeepVid ensures that both the factors go right in all conditions. In almost all the supported sites, you can download HD quality videos which are a pleasure to watch. There are very few download mp3 and video sites which allow you to listen or watch the video in High Definition and KeepVid is one among those. Downloading good quality videos is a very simple task after knowing how well KeepVid can help you in doing so.

Built in Web Browser

The built in web browser is also an amazing feature where you can access various videos without having to move out of the app. Even the KeepVid apk lets you build upon these features and provide your users with an amazing browsing experience. A built in web browser can be useful in a lot of ways to help people in searching for information without leaving the app or site which acts as a major distraction from the original content available.

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Search Videos through the App

If you want to find a particular video, you can simply type in the search bar to search for all the videos available or indexed in the app. This feature lets you be in the app itself and allows you to search for possibly any kind of video that you would want from YouTube.

Extraordinary interface

These days, the design of the app matters a lot and you will be astonished to know that the interface of the app is extremely seamless and it blends with the Android design theme phenomenally. There is probably no app which provides such a beautiful way to covert YouTube to mp4 in good quality and this is one of the reasons why KeepVid has become so popular in the recent past.


If you are looking for an all in one app that works as a video converter and video recorder among carrying out other functionalities, KeepVid Android is undoubtedly a good choice. Since most of us watch videos on YouTube and the app lets you download videos from the platform in the easiest way possible, it must definitely be among the must have Android apps on your phone. Download & try KeepVid for Android now.

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