Is Event App Live Mobile Experience Worth the Hype?

As we enter the era of hyper-connectivity, we are bound to witness new developments and innovations with disruptive technologies. Social media has emerged as a necessary element for every conclave and gathering, giving rise to a new culture of live streaming. Moving ahead, every company is busy generating a live experience for the viewers to garner the attention of the thousands of consumers who choose to stay online to gain an enthralling experience, then staying dormant and waiting to download the recorded sessions. We have moved ahead from augmented reality and ‘live’ in the real today.

What is an Event Mobile App?

Event mobile apps have become a trend with social media and internet users staying live most of the day through their phones. Many software development companies are offering to develop apps for these live events. Let’s first understand what is event app? It is a unique event-based social application equipped with context-awareness ability that allows the user to plan and organize social events such as tradeshows and events. It’s basically a combination of wireless communication and social science to exploit mobile users. Biz4solutions can provide event app development services to create a unique identity in the market.

Why Are We Transiting to Such Event Apps?

Live experience in the event apps is proving to be a boon for both – the event organizers and the consumers owing to the restricted social gatherings in this pandemic. However, social distancing does not constitute to be the primary reason behind event apps. Over the years, the content industry has acknowledged user experience to be of utmost importance in the case of websites and applications. For years, we dealt with featureless and conventional styles of meetings and presentations that have cost us in terms of customer penetration. Event apps are collaborative efforts of the industry towards a paperless, cost-effective, and transparent mode of collaboration.

How Does It Work?

This is the exact question that most of us might be wondering. Basically, every event is provided with a time-stamp to distinguish events on the same application. It has an event application server that allows the event organizer to initiate an event in an application, collect all the input in terms of data, and stop the application as the event ends. There are many elements such as registration handler and membership management that allow the owner to create the event community and propagate the news about the event. The event participants receive alerts and messages at the time stamp of the event to alert them about the start of the event.

Benefits of Live Event App

A live event application offers multiple benefits to the organizers on several fronts. Let’s take a closer look:

Branding and Marketing

Live event apps are preferred by many companies to run marketing campaigns and establish their brand.

Multiple events: One single enterprise app is used by an organization to run different events. The organizers can create different event groups of participants and interact with them using the same application. One application is perceived as the medium of communication by the user, establishing the brand value of the organization.

Networking: Live event app allows a large number of consumers to be part of the event at the same time. All of the invitees can communicate and give their feedback to the organizers. Organizations are using this feature as an advantage in developing strong bonding with the customers.

Feedback mechanism: Feedbacks from the live events help the organizations in looking into the loopholes in their content and improving it. There are feedback polls that help the organizers to assess the success of their event. The option to give feedback at the viewer’s comfort ensures maximum feedback which is great for content improvement.

Controlled content: The event app gives the control to the organizers where they can stream content, block it or update it. The option to fix the content and send invites in real-time can be an asset for any marketing team. There is an option to block the risky and doubtful content and stay on the safer side.

User Experience

User experience is the new milestone for every organization. The rise in the population of tech-savvy individuals is compelling every organization to be wary of their customer experience. Event live app mobile experience helps in enhancing the user experience in a number of ways. Mobile app development companies are offering great UX designs to attract customers, making the UX segment more competitive.

Event selection: Users are free to choose the event and participate at will. There are tabs to search the events based on timing, and agendas which makes event selection very easy. The offline download of the event map provides the participants plenty of time to make a decision.

Content sharing: The files, presentations, and other forms of the content can be uploaded on the application to share with the event attendees. The users can go through the content and get an idea about the upcoming event. The shared bio data of the speaker or the event host also makes decision-making very easy.

Connection: Attendees can connect with other participants creating their own networking. They can view the profiles of other participants and save their contacts. The live event app gives an experience of being live in spite of being at a remote location.


Return-On-Interest (ROI) is the goal that every company aims to achieve with the event. Live events on mobile applications guarantee higher ROI and revenue.

Sponsorship and advertisements: Companies allot time to the sponsors to market their brand between the events. Running advertisements in between the event is a great way to promote content and generate revenue.

Effortless supervision: Multiple events can be supervised using one application and the same resources. This cuts down a huge cost on event management that the conventional physical event had to bear.

Higher traffic: As the number of attendees increases, the traffic on the landing page will also increase. The conversion rate becomes high which ultimately results in increased sales of the services and products of the company.

Event app’s live mobile experience is set to drive every industry in the future. Personalized virtual events are the new marketing trend with every company pacing up to offer something unique. The competition is set to give a unique course to the trend which will decide the shape of future event apps.

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