How To Extract iPhone Data From iTunes Backup

Now people are more conscious about the usage of their smartphones. They know that they store in all the important data and files in their iPhones, so they take proper backup. This helps them in protecting their crucial data in iTunes. When you have loads of sensitive information stored on the iPhone, then it becomes very important that you keep backups of everything, so that even if the phone is destroyed, your data would be safe. In order to accomplish the task of backing up the data you can take the help of software. This will help you in many ways because it not only extracts the data from iTunes, but it also helps you in recovering contacts, photos, reminders, SMS as well as call history. If you are wondering why would you need a Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor, then here is a fact for you. The backup file type that is there in iTunes is not a regular file, instead it is not at all readable. Therefore, when you are trying to recover the lost files you will need a software that can actually get the content that is stored in there and restore it on your iPhone. So, here the extractor helps you to extract iPhone photos from backup. Nothing will be lost, when you have the software by your side. If you are trying to restore some specific files, then also you will be able to do that with the help of this extractor.


Extracting it back

If you want to extract iPhone messages from backup, then also it is possible with the help of this extractor. The process of extracting the files is not complicated at all, instead you can complete the procedure with a single click. Recovering files from iTunes has been made easy by this software. The backup file can be extracted really soon and all of it is listed in a separate category in the Window at the right hand side. There is no need to fill up the space with unwanted files in order to figure out the target file because now you have the preview option as well in this extractor. You can restore files after viewing them in thumbnails or through list preview. Through this option, the user will be aware of the files they are restoring and not just that the original quality will also be maintained.

Great software for data recovery

It is also touted as one of the best iPhone data recovery software as well. With a single click you will be able to recover all the contacts, calendar events, SMS, call records, etc. No matter whether you want to recover the files one by one or you want to do it in a batch, this software will comply with any demand of yours. The process can be successfully accomplished even when the iTunes is not launched or the device is not connected to the PC. It is compatible with almost all the models, so you can use this software for any iPhone you have.

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