Features You Don't Know Yet About iOS 9

iPhone Application Development CompanyThe latest of Apple's operating system iOS is out now known as the iOS9. The new iOS 9 brings with itself a range of bug fixes and enhancements for all the iOS products. Emojis seems to be the main focus f this update, but there are some more features that you still not know about iOS 9. Here is what they are:

Lookup Phoned Numbers Easily
Worried about those unknown numbers calling you, need not anymore. The new iOS 9 will actually look up data from your native mail app to tally numbers from and if matches will provide you info about a person's number which is not yet saved with you. Voila! Mystery unknown calls, solved.

New Search Settings:
For many people the search setting menu of the iOS is a navigation chore, but with iOS 9 you don't really have to go through two or may be 3 taps to work it down, a swipe down from the top of the settings menu will let you look for a myriad of settings that are typically buried and are hard to find.

In-app Searches:
The need iOS 9 update has made it possible for you to search through 3rd party apps much conveniently than before. Once an app is updated to support the iOS 9 search function you can quickly search from almost anywhere and in app results will display alongside the Apple's standard web search results.

Detect Your Battery Killer:
Along sided a low power mode that most users can comprehend with its name, iOS 9 provides you to detect what is draining your battery more than others. By simply tapping on the little clock icon at the top of the list you can get to know the real culprit. You might switch the app or closing it down if your battery life is in critical mode. Good feature eh!

View All Your Selfies At Once:
Two new sections are included; selfie and screenshots and although the selfie section is more fun to browse it's the screenshot section that mainly engages the interest of tech obsessive. You are not required to hunt for old screen shot by scrolling through the entire album, just pop in, swipe across, add or delete, it's as easy as it sound.

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