Bought a New Windows PC. Now What?

So, finally you got your brand new Windows PC and you just can't wait to start doing all the things you really enjoy - watching movies, playing games or simply surf the internet. However, once it turns on, you are likely to find that it doesn't have pretty much any software installed on it and for the beginner user, this quickly translates to disaster! To help out, here are my top software applications for Windows PC users that will allow you to get the maximum from your computer:


Avast Antivirus

The minute you login on your new Windows PC, you need to install antivirus software. There are so many potential threats not only to its health, but also to your personal information and safety. The easiest way to eliminate these is with the free antivirus solution Avast – the only thing you need to enjoy the rather rich feature-set of this solution is to sign up for a free account on their website. Besides monitoring your computer's hard drives, Avast also helps block threats online and in email messages.



Besides all kinds of computer viruses, the internet is also filled with dozens of scripts and smaller apps that are meant specifically to obtain control over the personal information stored in the computer. These are known as malware and the best way to deal with these is via specialized software. MalwareBytes is known to be the best and most powerful free tool to remove Trojans and all kinds of threats on your PC! When combined with Avast you can get such level of protection that virtually no one can break into your device.


7 Zip

Next, you are likely to need software to manage compressed files and folders. While most of these are premium ones, 7 Zip is the most powerful free alternative out there and you don't even have to register with the tool! Its clean, intuitive interface will make it incredibly easy to perform various tasks and maximize the compression ratio.


GOM Media Player

Watching movies with Windows Media Player can hardly be categorized as a positive multimedia experience. The best and most importantly free piece of software to play all your favourite movies and video files is the GOM Media Player. The initial configuration is incredibly easy and also, the incredibly fast codec search feature will help you maximize the experience from pretty much any file format. If you happen to find a file that can't be played, you can easily convert it with the also free GOM Media Converter.


Google Chrome

The only tool you probably have for browsing the internet on your brand new desktop PC is probably the well-known Internet Explorer. However, even the newbie users already know how poorly it compares with the other solutions on the market, most notably with Google Chrome. Don't waste your time and just download Google Chrome for free! It really is the fastest, yet most powerful browser out there and I can guarantee it will revolutionize the way you surf the internet.

If you have any questions, please ask below!